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Capcom Announces Super Street Fighter IV, Launching In Spring 2010 With 8 New Characters -- Trailer Here!

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Capcom has just announced that Super Street Fighter IV will be their next game as a part of the Street Fighter franchise. This new game will include a couple of new characters: T. Hawk, Dee Jay, and Juri. There's a grand total of eight new characters expected, so there's still 5 more to be announced. Expect this game to launch in Spring 2010 on the PlayStation 3 and on the Xbox 360. The PC launch details haven't been mentioned yet.

Oh yes, the price will reportedly be cheaper than "full price" so I assume this could mean around $30 to $40. I know there are some really hardcore fans looking forward to this game, so check out both links below. The Joystiq link below has a video, so make sure not to miss that.

Update: It looks like Kotaku got their hands on the first trailer for this game, so check it out below. If it's now working just click on this Kotaku link and it should be available on there.

[Kotaku, Joystiq]


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