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Motorola CEO Outlines Future Smartphone + Android Plans

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Motorola's CEO, Sanjay Jha, has just mentioned that a majority of Motorola's devices in the future will be smartphones and they're looking to Android to help dig themselves out of their hole. He mentioned that they are launching 2 Android-based phones for the holidays - possibly and probably the Sholes / Shules (above) and the Morrison (below) - and they will be launched on two different carriers. This would mean that the Shules / Sholes will be hitting the US on a different carrier than the Morrison, which is rumoured to hit T-Mobile on October 21st.

Motorola may not be my favourite phone manufacturer right now - leave that up to Samsung - but it looks like they could have an exciting future as they make a slow push towards Android. Sanjay Jha also mentioned that they will be launching "many more Android phones in Q1 2010" which is a great thing. Most of them probably won't be fit for me though because I'm only interested in the high-end phones out there; Motorola, on the other hand, is looking to create low-end Android-based smartphones in the future.



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