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Zune Phone Tweet Turns Out To Be Fake; Microsoft "Pink" Specs Leak Out

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Remember that Zune Phone tweet yesterday? Well, it looks like whoever was in control of the account is not connected to Microsoft because the account is a fake. He fooled us. Microsoft has also reportedly denied all of the Zune rumours that have been hitting the web.

I've got the scoop on a possible future Microsoft smartphone, codenamed Pink. Apparently, Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1 smartphones will have at least a 3.5-inch display, with 256MB or more of RAM, more than 1GB of storage, ARM v6+ processors, and OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible graphics hardware. Other specs include at least a 3MP camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, a compass, and an accelerometer to top things off. Apparently, in addition to all of this sweet news, "NVIDIA's Tegra platform and 'Qualcomm 8k,' which sounds to us like Snapdragon's QSD8xxx-series chips" could also be on-board. We'll see what happens, but we should be expecting these so-called devices next year, since that's when WinMo 7 is set to be released. These look like good specs right now, but in a year this could be lacking. It's a slight possibility, but anything's possible in the tech world. We'll just have to see how fast technology expands in the next year.

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