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Rumour: PSP 2 At This Year's E3; Will Be Released Before Christmas

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The new PSP 2 has apparently been confirmed according to the latest rumours. This is definitely the juiciest rumour of the day! The PSP 2 will be UMD-less, have dual thumbsticks [finally!!!!], and will be shown off and handled at this year's E3. The sliding screen will have touchscreen capabilities (hopefully multi-touch). In addition to all of these rumours, the last and possibly most important rumour of them all is the release date. The PSP 2 is said to be available before this Christmas!! Kids, make sure to have this on your letter to Santa! I don't like the whole going UMD-less because I'm not a fan of buying stuff online, but if it has to be done then let it be. Although I'm wondering if this is too little too late for Sony and the gang. What do you think?

[Crunch Gear, Kotaku]


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