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All About Apple: iPod Touch To Have Camera, iPhone Video Recording, 802.11n, FM Transmitting

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The latest job listing from Apple (that has now been changed) lists that they're looking for a Camera Engineering Project Manager (EPM) to bring camera modules to the iPhone and the iPod. This is really interesting and would make the iPod Touch an even more fascinating media player.

The photo you see above is, apparently, a supposed screenshot of "a revised camera app with a video toggle." This is further hinting at video capabilities for the iPhone and possibly even the iPod Touch. We'll see what happens in the near future. The iPhone could also have a slew of other additions, such as: Video Editing, 802.11n wireless connectivity, and an FM transmitter. The supposed 802.11n was found in the latest beta firmware (of course). This will increase WiFi speeds and could be found in a future iPhone / iPod Touch device. The least exciting news is that the latest chip in the iPhone could have an FM transmitter. Personally, I don't think it's needed but I'm sure other people out there would love it. The more features, the merrier!

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