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Phobos Gaming PC Comes With 2 BFG GeForce Gfx Cards

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The Phobos Gaming / Home Theater PC now comes with 2 BFG GeForce GT 275 OC graphics cards running on Nvidia's SLI technology as a standard. It comes with a few more upgrades like Intel's SSDs and a liquid-cooled Core i7-920 2.66GGHz CPU. The system also has one-touch overclocking and free installation. It is now available for a starting price of $3,000 USD.

This looks like a great gaming PC that I could go after if I had the money. I don't like the fact that hardcore gaming PCs go for such an expensive price, but I don't blame them. I do think that they should have used the same liquid-cooling system that Dell used for their XPS 625 and 630 because it didn't really cost that much - only $120 USD more.

[Slash Gear]


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