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Fisker Automotive To Rival the Tesla Model S; Mitsubishi iMiEV Plans the Same Thing

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Fisker Automotive is planning to release their own rival to the Chevrolet Volt and the Tesla Model S. There is currently no word on any juicy information except for it being a hybrid car and that it will be more expensive than the Chevrolet Volt ($40,000 USD) and the Tesla Model S ($50,000 USD), but less than the Karma ($87,900 USD). I'm pretty sure the Tesla Model S will beat it out though. Looks like a too little, too late situation here.

The other rival for the Volt and the Model S is Mitsubishi's iMiEV. Clearly, it doesn't look as good as the Model S - I'm pretty sure ashlee will agree with me there - but it should cost around $40,000 USD rivaling the cost of the Volt . The iMiEV may also be available before both the Volt and the Model S which should give it a significant head-start. The Tesla Model S still reigns supreme in my book.

[Engadget (Fisker), Crunch Gear (Mitsubishi)]


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