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Assassin's Creed Main Character Photo; and Square Enix Character Teaser Shot

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To me, this guy looks badass. This is the main character of Assassin's Creed 2 and this image first surfaced on the official Ubisoft forums. Well, since then it has been taken down, but I just thought I'd give you a high-resolution look at him.

This is a shot of another character, this time from an upcoming Square Enix game. It could be from anywhere and the game could be released on just about any console, even the PC - hopefully not on the Wii though. The character has greyish-white hair and a sword mildly resembling the Buster Sword which is Cloud's, from FFVII, weapon-of-choice. It's probably not a game based around Sephiroth, but that would sound great now that I think about it. More about this screenshot at a later date.

[JoyStiq (Assassin's Creed), PS3,QJ (Square Enix)]


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