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MSI Announces 5 PMPs For China; Showing Off Android-Based Netbooks At Computex

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Well, looks like MSI is back at it again, this time with their own set of PMPs for China. All 5 of these PMPs have e-dictionary support, minimal game functionality, and support for a bunch of codecs. They are all cheap (price-wise), but only the MV652 has a touchscreen (more on that later). It's kind of weird to have a PMP without a touchscreen, but I guess that's what MSI did here. Let's go from low-end to "high-end." Starting things off is the MV622 which costs ¥198 (yuan) ($29 USD). It has a 2.4-inch LCD display with 2GB of storage and 3 colours (pictured above). The MV651 which costs ¥299 ($44 USD) has a 3-inch display with a 400 x 240 resolution, TV-out, FM radio, and 4GB of storage. The MV652 - like I said earlier - is the only one with a touchscreen. It also comes with e-book reading functionality, and has 2 models: 4GB ($51 USD) and 8GB ($58 USD). The MV881 has a 4.3-inch display with no touchscreen and also has 2 models: 4GB ($58 USD) and 8GB ($73 USD). The MV882 which costs $58 USD has 720p video, S-video output and has 8GB of storage - but also has no touchscreen. They're cheap, but no touchscreen is definitely a turn-off for me.

Computex begins on June 2 and it looks like it could be Android-packed. Apparently, MSI will be showcasing their Android-based netbooks and with any luck, we could also see HP, Dell, Asus, or Acer showing some Android love too. We'll just have to see what happens at Computex this year. It's just over a month away.

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