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Don't Download the Windows 7 RC Illegally Yet; A New Unfixable Hack

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Yes, the Windows 7 RC is already available to MSDN / TechNet suscribers, but apparently there is no "real" version of the RC available on the torrents right now. So, basically, you might want to wait a couple of hours / days for that to be illegally released. The official RC will be legally available on May 5 for those patient users.

On a side note, researches Vipin Kumar and Nitin Kumar at this year's Hack in the Box security conference have mentioned that they have found an unfixable hack for Windows 7. We'll see what happens here, but I hope Microsoft can fix it. Anyways, take a look at the excerpt below, courtesy of Engadget.

A hack that's "unfixable" is a pretty bold claim, but that's just what researchers Vipin Kumar and Nitin Kumar have announced at the now-happening Hack in the Box security conference, and they seem ready to back it up. Apparently, they've devised a means to gain control of a Windows 7 computer during the boot up process though the use of a tiny 3KB program dubbed VBootkit 2.0 (a follow-up to a similar Vista hack), which loads itself into the system memory and bypasses the hard drive altogether, making it extremely difficult to detect. Once loaded, an ill-intentioned individual could potentially change passwords, access protected files, or do just about anything else and then leave without a trace. The one fairly big drawback to the hack, however, and upside for most users, is that it can't be performed remotely, so it'll likely only be a significant concern for businesses or other folks using computers in public places -- unless, of course, Microsoft finds a way to fix the "unfixable."

[Gizmodo, Engadget (hack)]


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