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Opera With Geolocation; And Mobile 9.7

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Opera, the web browser that you will find on your notebook / desktop PC, has a new special build available. This new build supports Geolocation aka the ability to share your location with anyone you please (beware kids!). Opera has made this possible by working side-by-side with Skyhook Wireless; it will work by using their WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System) to figure out exactly where you are. To me it seems like a built-in Google Latitude.

On the other hand, Opera has also announced that Opera Mobile 9.7 will make its premiere next week at CTIA Wireless. The mobile browser is said to have a couple of enhancements like utilizing the Presto 2.2 rendering engine - which is also found in Opera Turbo. "Opera Turbo compresses and accelerates full Web pages for improved browsing over limited-bandwidth connections." Opera also concluded by mentioning that Mobile 9.7 will compress as much as 80% of the data so that you will see vast speed improvements.

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