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Facebook Turns 5, Google Latitude and Chrome, Acer Smartphone, ASUS Nuviphone G60

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I've been using Facebook for about a year and a half now and it is hard to believe that it's already its 5th birthday today. Facebook will allow you to give a free virtual 'Thank You' gift to your friends. Facebook is now half a decade old with over 150 million members worldwide. In the above picture you will see how Facebook has evolved from its launch date's interface, to the current interface.

Google Latitude has just been released. It is an addition that you can have on your iGoogle page or also on your mobile phone. Although, some old mobile phones may not be supported, the vast majority of the mobile phone world are on this list: Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, S60, Blackberry, etc. Google Latitude will let you share where you are and what you are doing with your friends. It looks pretty neat. I added it on my iGoogle, but i don't really know who i can share my information with, so it's not of much use to me. If you like to stalk your friends then this could be of use to you. This is a product that i believe has lots of potential. On a side note, Google has updated Chrome to version, which probably fixes very minor issues, since i haven't heard anything about it yet. I just came across it on Filehippo, since i'm going to download Firefox 3.0.6.

There have been some new leaked Acer smartphone pictures. The phone seems to have a portrait slide out QWERTY keyboard (see left picture). It looks like this phone has some weird swivel technology for this to be possible. Engadget points out that this design does have potential if you are also able to use the slide out QWERTY keyboard in portrait and landscape mode. It will be interesting to see what else this Acer touchscreen smartphone can do, since only the pictures were leaked to the Internet. Look forward to seeing more of this phone at MWC.

Garmin and Asus have formed the Garmin-Asus alliance to form all different kinds of smartphones. This includes the one you see in the picture on the left, dubbed the Asus Nuviphone G60. The G60's OS has not been finalized yet, but it looks like it will be a toss-up between Android, WinMo and Linux[?]. The Garmin-Asus alliance will be putting out several phones during the course of the 2009 year. We should also be expecting more than one model of a Garmin-Asus phone at MWC.

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Firefox 3.0.6 Download Link: http://filehippo.com/download_firefox/
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//Reeechard said...
February 4, 2009 at 6:13 PM  

happy birthday Facebook! thanks to you, I've been able to spread hate EVERYWHERE!

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