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Nokia Unveiling Touchscreen Android-Based Handset This September at Nokia World, Gets Denied

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According to the Guardian, Nokia will reveal their first Android-based touchscreen handset this year at Nokia World, which will take place in September. Nokia is constantly going downhill and losing market share, so it looks like they're going to test out the Android waters - or circuits. Nokia has a lot to do in the future to keep their number 1 status because the underdogs are making a comeback. They've got to upgrade S60 or go with Maemo. We'll all just have to see what's in store for Nokia's future.

Update: According to Slash Gear, Nokia has denied any future plans of a touchscreen Android-based handset. The spokesperson said "everyone knows that Symbian is our preferred platform for advanced mobile devices." Well if it is Nokia, then maybe you should improve it and show us a new version at this year's Nokia World. Please and thank you.


Telus Launching BlackBerry Tour and HTC Snap on July 15th, Followed by HTC Touch Pro 2 on July 21

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Remember that Best Buy flyer that was spotted 2 days ago? Well, it looks like we just got the official date of when all 3 handsets will be launching. First, the BlackBerry Tour and the HTC Snap will launch on July 15th for $249.99 CAD and $29.99 CAD, respectively on 3-year contracts. The HTC Touch Pro 2 will be available 6 days later, on July 21st, but the price still hasn't been mentioned for it yet. Since the prices listed are "3-year contract" I'm pretty sure that this means that this is a launch for Canadians - thank you Telus. When the American dates leak out, I'll be sure to get them for you. Don't forget, the sexy Touch Pro 2 on July 21st, I can't wait!!

Update: According to Unwired View, the HTC Snap will be launching on Telus for $449.99 off-contract and the HTC Touch Pro 2 will be launching for $549.99 off-contract. These prices seem a bit low to be Canadian prices, so I'm guessing that these figures are in American dollars. Well, ya never know.

[Boy Genius]

Samsung MBP200 Micro-Projector Now Available in Germany

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The Samsung MBP200 micro-projector (above on the left) that was unveiled way back in March is now available in Germany. I haven't covered the specs of this phone before, so I'll go through them briefly now. The MBP200 has: a 2.2-inch QVGA display with a 480 x 320 resolution, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microSD card slot that supports up to 16GB, and a touch-sensitive keypad. It's got a built-in mini projector, so you can display video or certain pictures on the wall - if you like. The Samsung MBP200 is now available in Germany for €499 ($700 USD).

[Unwired News]

400-Disc Mega Blu-Ray Player to Cost $1,900, Coming This Month

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Remember the 400-disc Mega Blu-ray player? Apparently, it is going to launch this month for $1,899.99 USD, which is much cheaper than the $2,300 USD price tag that we heard of in late May. Its predecessor, the HES-V1000, costed $3,500 USD when it launched, so this is actually pretty cheap compared to that. More information is sure to arise soon, since it is launching this month.

[Sony Insider]