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Samsung M5650 Lindy is the Corby With WiFi and 3G, Still Cheap (Price-Wise)!

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Nope, this isn't the Samsung Corby, but it is a variant of it. Named the Samsung M5650 Lindy, this handset comes with: a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display, Bluetooth / WiFi support, a 3MP camera, FM Radio with RDS support, 50MB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot. Unlike the Corby this handset also features 3G (HSDPA 7.2Mbps) connectivity. Fortunately, it'll be available for just €159 ($235 USD), which is pretty damn good for an unlocked handset.

Fusion Garage Launching the CrunchPad as the JooJoo For $500 On December 11th

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This right here is the CrunchPad, but it'll be launched by Fusion Garage as the JooJoo. Awkward name I know, but you're more interested to know what's inside, aren't you? Well, it'll be sporting a 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display, a 4GB SSD, a battery life of around 5 hours, and a UNIX-based OS which can boot in around 9 seconds. This tablet weighs 2.4 pounds and has some decent specs.

The good news here is that the CrunchPad isn't dead, but the $500 asking price is definitely killing our lust for it. The pre-orders start this Friday, December 11th, but I don't believe they'll be selling out.

BlackBerry Essex 9650 (Tour 2) Gets Bought On eBay For $1,400

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What you see above looks a lot like the BlackBerry Bold 9700, but it's actually the BB Essex aka the 9650 or the Tour2. This smartphone has just found its way to eBay with a $1,388.99 asking price (at the time of writing).  Someone has reportedly already purchased it, so uhh, I'm guessing the announcement should be pretty soon. Maybe I'm fooling myself. The person selling this smartphone states that it comes with 3G / WiFi support and BB OS

Acer Timeline 1820PT Tablet Notebook Finds a Home On US Website

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This tablet notebook hit Australia a couple of weeks ago and it has just been spotted on Acer's US website. The launch is imminent for the Timeline 1820PT, so we'll just have to wait until it all becomes official. The price should be much cheaper than what the Aussies got it for, so keep that in mind.

Camangi WebStation Now Available For $390 Pre-Orders

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Remember the Android-based Camangi WebStation from two weeks ago? Well, unlike the CrunchPad this one is still alive. Camangi now has this 7-inch tablet available for pre-orders. There's free shipping and it costs $389.99 USD. Of course, you can check out their website for much more information and you'll also find the pre-ordering somewhere on there.

Samsung Galaxy2 To Sport 4-Inch Display, 32GB of Storage, and Android 2.1.

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Eldar from Mobile-Review has tweeted that he's been playing around with the Samsung Galaxy2. However, he didn't put any pictures up of this handset, but we're pretty sure he wouldn't lie to us. According to him, this handset will be packing: a 4-inch resistive (why!?) AMOLED touchscreen display, 32GB of internal memory, and Android 2.1. I doubt Samsung will go without a microSD card slot on this handset, so you can check that off as well. We'll just have to wait for an image at this point though.

Acer Working On Netbooks and Nettops With Pine Trail and Nvidia Ion 2 Graphics Already?

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At this point we already know that Nvidia is working on their Ion 2 graphics - first-gen Ion pictured above. This morning (via Digitimes) we're hearing that Acer is already preparing some netbooks and nettops with Ion 2 and Pine Trail inside of them. It's unconfirmed information, but I'm sure - if it's true - we'll see them at CES 2010, which will be an amazing event.

Creative Zii Trinity Smartphone's Full HD Support Demoed On Video, Looking Sharp

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Last week, Creative briefly introduced their Zii Trinity handset, and they announced that it'll have Full HD support. Well, a video was spotted over the weekend that showed off the HD efforts. Take a look at the video because right now it's looking pretty damn good.

HTC Dragon / Passion / Bravo To Sport 3.5-Inch OLED Multitouch Display, Headed To Verizon In Early 2010

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According to Digitimes, the HTC Dragon / Passion / Bravo is going to be sporting a 3.5-inch multitouch OLED display and a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. This is slightly different from the 3.7-inch reports we just saw in the HTC portfolio leakage and is different from the earlier rumours which stated that this handset would have a 4.3-inch display. I knew it wouldn't have a 4.3-inch display though because the dimensions would be outrageous.

Anyways, this handset has been delayed until early 2010 and will be HTC's first Android 2.0 handset. Engadget is adding in that HTC could turn this into a CDMA handset so it'll be launching on Verizon in early 2010.

Digitimes also went on to mention that HTC will be unveiling a new QWERTY Android handset at MWC 2010 - codenamed HTC Espresso - which is the HTC Hero with a keyboard. It'll likely be the successor to the HTC Hero.

HTC's Portfolio For H1 2010 Leaked; 5 Android Handsets and 3 For WinMo

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There's been many reports of an HTC leakage. We had one happen last year, and this new leak is regarding the first half of 2010. Android handsets include: Legend (above), Salsa, Tide, Buzz, and the Bravo (below). These are expected to launch in March, June, April, May, and April, respectively. The interesting thing here is that the Bravo appears to be the HTC Dragon / Passion that everyone is excited for. Yes, this means that it won't have a 4.3-inch display - and I knew it! The HTC Legend appears to rock the HTC Hero styling, so maybe this could be the HTC Hero's successor. Surprisingly enough, the Salsa, Tide, and Buzz are not on the latest leaked HTC codenames from last week. I'm putting my bets on either that or the HTC Espresso. Don't forget to scroll down because there's some WinMo 6.5 phones as well.

For HTC's WinMo 6.5 line-up there'll be: Photon (below), Trophy, and the Tera (below). The Photon and Trophy are expected to launch in April and May, respectively, but we don't know when the Tera will be hitting the market yet. The HTC Photon appears to be a mini HD2 and the Tera has a styling which fuses the Touch Pro 2 and the Touch2 together.

I'm kind of upset at this line-up from HTC since they're sticking with 600MHz CPUs in most of these handsets. At least they're finally moving on from the 528MHz ones though. I didn't post all of the pictures, but I poster the most interesting ones. For all of the photos check out the link below.

Nokia N97 Hitting Canada's Bell Mobility On December 10th, Price Still TBA

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We've known for a while that the Nokia N97 would be hitting Canada's Bell Mobility. Well, now Mobile Syrup is hearing that the launch will take place on December 10th (this Thursday) - which coincidentally is the same day they are scheduled to release the Android-based Samsung I7500 Galaxy. The price hasn't been mentioned yet, but I'm sure a couple of people are looking to buy this regardless of the price - especially since it'll be compatible with Bell's new HSPA network.

[Mobile Syrup]

Motorola Opus One Spied, First Android iDEN Handset

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What you see above has just been spied. This is being called the Motorola Opus One and appears to be the first iDEN Android handset. As of right now we don't know the specs or the release date of this handset, which sucks. Check out the link below for a couple more photos of this handset.

[Boy Genius]

MSI, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo Launching Intel Atom "Pine Trail" N450 Netbooks On January 11th

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According to Digitimes, MSI, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo are all planning to launch new netbooks on January 11th with Intel's new Pine Trail Atoms. Of course, these first batch of netbooks will ship with Intel's N450 variant of the Atom and the more powerful N470 is set to launch in March 2010. Time to mark January 11th on your calendar if you're interested.

[Slash Gear]