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Leaked Verizon Roadmap For the Rest Of the Year Shows Android Barrage and High-End HTC Merge

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Phone Arena just got a big exclusive regarding some upcoming Verizon devices - and yes, there are a lot of them. Some of the information may seem repetitive but that's just how these things work out. Sometime in September, you can expect the carrier to release a world-capable Motorola DROID 2 so you might want to wait to order yours if you're thinking about getting one right now. Also coming up in the same month will be the Motorola Citrus WX445 (below), which will be one of Verizon's more affordable Android phones. There's also word of the LG Octane VN530VN270, the Pantech Crux, and the ZTE Salute (which is actually available right now through WireFly). Either the VN530 or the VN270 will be the replacement for the current LG Cosmos (probably the VN270 though, since the Cosmos has the model number VN230). Verizon also seems to be gearing up two small notebooks, the Dell Vostro V13 and the HP Pavilion DM1-2010. There's more below...

In October, you can expect the carrier to release the BlackBerry Storm 3 (9570) along with a CDMA version of the Curve 3G (9300), the Curve 9330, which should also pack 3G connectivity. Unfortunately, Phone Arena's sources mention that the Storm 3 may feature the SurePress touchscreen display (also on the Storm and the Storm 2), but thankfully it'll have OS 6.0 with the WebKit browser. In the same month, you can also expect the Samsung Fascinate which will be the carrier's Galaxy S variant. They also reportedly have four more Android phones ready this month, which will be the Samsung Continuum I400 (mid-end specs), the Samsung Gem I100 (mid-end with slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Motorola XT610 (same size as the DROID X with lower-powered specs), and the Motorola A957 which is being touted as the Motorola DROID Pro. There's also word of the Palm Pre 2 and the Casio Ravine which will be a PTT-capable rugged handset. And yes, there's more below...

In November you can expect the enTourage eDGe, which is a dual-screen e-book reader / Android tablet, and an enTourage Pocket device, whatever that is. Another Android-based handset is said to be available in November and it will be the HTC Merge which will reportedly pack a 10MP camera and very high-end specs (a processor faster than 1GHz). You can also expect the Motorola Z600 (possibly named Stingray) and the Samsung I800 tablets in the same month. The I800 tablet from Samsung should be similar to, but larger than, the Galaxy Tab which reportedly has a 7-inch display. You can expect Verizon to launch 4G LTE cards as well, the PCD 290 and the LG 600.

T-Mobile USA Launching the Motorola Charm On August 25th, Price TBA

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Yes, the Motorola Charm may be available on Telus in Canada where you can choose the lengthy 3-year contract, but what about for Americans? That's where T-Mobile USA comes in to the rescue. They have just tweeted that the smartphone will be available starting on August 25th, but the price wasn't mentioned. The Charm packs a 3MP camera, a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, WiFi support, a microSD card slot, a QWERTY keyboard, and Android 2.1 with MOTOBLUR for some social networking integration. Check out the tweet here, while the Motorola Charm is on T-Mobile's site.


SanDisk Revives Their PMP Line-Up With the OLED Packing Sansa Fuze+

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SanDisk looks like they're almost ready to release their next PMP, the Sansa Fuze+ (above). The specs is all above and there's even a blurry pic of said PMP on the right side. The Fuze+ will be packing a 2.4-inch QVGA OLED display, 4GB / 8GB / 16GB of internal storage, a digital FM tuner, a microSD card slot, some touch-sensitive buttons, support for slotRadio / slotMusic memory cards, and a battery life of 24 hours of audio playback / 5 hours of video playback. The PMP itself comes with a USB 2.0 port along with support for a bunch of codecs including: MPEG-4, H.264, WMA, MP3, WMV, OFF, AAC, FLAC, etc. Engadget points out that this PMP should get an unveiling on September 12th.


LG Showing Off 31-Inch OLED TV, 72-Inch LED 3DTV, and World's Thinnest LCD TV At IFA

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LG looks like they'll be showcasing another [and larger] OLED TV at the upcoming IFA 2010 event in early September. This OLED TV is said to be 31-inches and will join LG's other displays that will be at the event. You'll also be seeing the company's 72-inch 3D LED TV along with the world's thinnest LCD TV which is just 0.28-inches thin. Specs are unknown about any of these TVs but they're just weeks away until we'll be hearing the eyes-on.


Nokia C7 Leaks In Some Gorgeous Press Shots -- And Two Video Previews Too!

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Another day, another leak regarding the upcoming Symbian^3 powered Nokia C7 smartphone. It's already received a hands-on, so Nokia should just make it official already. This smartphone reportedly features a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen nHD display, an 8MP camera (Carl Zeiss lens) with a dual-LED flash, and a 1,200mAh battery. Nokia World is in the middle of September so maybe it'll get official there.

Update: Engadget has spotted even more information regarding the upcoming Nokia C7. It's been given an early video preview and it has been spotted on YouTube. Check out the two videos below.


LG KS365, GD550, and Samsung S5530 All Official, Price and Release Dates Still TBA

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LG and Samsung have made three dumbphones official today but none of them are entirely new since we've heard about all of them below. We'll go in order so the first one is above and on the left, it's the LG KS365. This one is exactly like the LG Neon, except for the front-face. It packs a 2.4-inch display (touchscreen dialing only), a microSD card slot, an FM radio, EDGE connectivity, a 2MP camera, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard (3-row). Next up is above and on the right, it's the LG GD550. This is a slider that features a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 5MP camera, 3G / HSDPA connectivity, an FM radio, a microSD card slot, and Bluetooth support. The last one is below and it's coming from the Samsung, the S5530. This one is another slider and it features a 2.2-inch QVGA display, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth support, an FM radio, and a microSD card slot.

The price and release dates for all of these phones haven't been mentioned but you can look out for someone to be selling them unlocked for a not-so-expensive price.

[GSM Arena]

Digitimes Says Toshiba Is Releasing an Android Tablet In September / October

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According to Digitimes, Toshiba is currently working on an Android tablet (not the one above) and it could be hitting the market in September or October of this year. Of course, this isn't exactly the biggest rumour in existence since there are already rumoured specs of this device that popped up in mid-April. Toshiba's tablet is said to be running on Nvidia's Tegra 2 chip but that's really all we know. They've sold out on their Libretto W100 dual-screen tablet so maybe this could be something to look forward to. Hopefully it makes an appearance at IFA 2010 (in early September).

[Engadget, Tech Radar]

Samsung Galaxy U's Full Specification Sheet Leaks Out

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We've heard about the Samsung Galaxy U a couple of times and we know that it should be available pretty darn soon thanks to LG U+ (formerly LG Telecom). Thanks to Samsung Hub we now know the full spec sheet of the smartphone. The Galaxy U packs a 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA touchscreen display, a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, a 5MP AF camera with 720p HD video recording, Bluetooth 3.0 support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a T-DMB TV tuner, a microSD card slot (8GB card in the box), a 1,500mAh battery, and Android with the company's Touchwiz UI. It's looking like a pretty desirable handset but that's pretty industry standard right now (for the best smartphones out there). It's got a nice form-factor as well, so look out for it soon!

[Samsung Hub]

Rogers BB Torch Display Shows Up, Rumoured Launch Date Is September 15th

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We already know Rogers will be getting the BlackBerry Torch (9800) in the next couple of weeks and it looks like this new display case will sport a BB Torch right in the middle - but it's not ready right now. The most interesting part about all this is that one of Mobile Syrup's tipsters has mentioned that Rogers could be planning to launch the Torch on September 15th. It's unconfirmed right now, but Canadians may have something to look forward to if they want a new CrackBerry.

[Mobile Syrup]

Cricket's Android-Based Kyocero Zio Ships On August 21st, Pre-Order One Now

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Cricket has just about made the Kyocera Zio official and is now telling you to pre-order one now (here). This handset will be available starting on August 21st and costs $249.99 contract-free, which seems to be a pretty good deal. The Zio packs a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a Qualcomm 600MHz CPU, a 3.2MP camera, and Android 1.6 (upgradeable to 2.1 or later, apparently). Cricket has a new data plan going around that costs $55 and that's unlimited everything so that'll be something you should pick up as well.


Verizon To Release an HTC-Built Tablet Running Chrome OS On November 26th?

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Some new and juicy rumour has been making the rounds this morning. It involves Verizon, Google, and tablets. If you pieced together (or you just read the title) a Chrome OS tablet in the future then you're bang on. The rumour states that Verizon will be releasing a Google Chrome OS tablet on November 26th, which is Black Friday in the USA, and it'll be available solely online on the carrier's website. The tablet is said to be built by HTC (but will be Google-branded) and supposed specs are as follows: a 1,280 x 720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, a 32GB SDD, WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS / 3G support, and an integrated webcam. This could be something to look forward to if it's anything like the tablet concept Google showed off above.

[Liliputing, The Next Web]

Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse Prematurely Leaks In Germany, Shows Off Box Shot -- And Marketing Shots

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Thanks to a German online store (here), we may have the first box shot (and first product shot) of the upcoming and long-rumoured Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Specs are unknown right now, but we should have them soon. Apparently, this mouse will cost €69.99 in Germany and will be shipping in 5 to 10 days unless Microsoft can stop them. Last time we heard about this mouse, it would have an MSRP of $70 and would be launching in September but that's unconfirmed.

Update: The product has been pulled from the online store.

Update: There's been another leak regarding the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, coming from Engadget. This time there's a photo below of a marketing shot of the mouse. Specs are still unknown so we'll have to wait for that soon.


T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Just $99 For Today Only, Pick One Up!

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If you're interested in the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant then you might want to purchase one right now (or later today). Regularly priced at $199.99 on a 2-year contract, today (and just today!) T-Mobile will be offering the smartphone for $99.99 on a 2-year contract which is just about half price. It's a pretty sweet deal even though you'll have to pay for those hefty data fees. Go and get one on their site here - it's only available online.

[Boy Genius]

Canada's Rogers Releases the LG Neon 2 For $19.99, Great For the Kids

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Rogers got the dummy units a couple of weeks and now the dumbphone is available from them. Yes, I'm talking about the LG Neon 2 which is now available for $19.99 on a 3-year contract, $69.99 on a 2-year contract, $124.99 on a 1-year contract, and $174.99 contract-free. Last week, the complete spec sheet leaked out as well, but now everything has been confirmed. The LG Neon 2 packs a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display (240 x 400 resolution), a microSD card slot, a 2MP camera, an FM radio, Bluetooth support, and a slide-out (4-row) QWERTY keyboard. It's right here if you want to pick one up.

[Mobile Syrup]

T-Mobile G2 (With HSPA+) Gets a Teaser Site, HTC Vision / G1 Blaze On the Way?

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Well, well, well, T-Mobile has put up a teaser site for an upcoming Android-based smartphone that will feature HSPA+ connectivity. Last week we heard that the T-Mobile G2 is actually the HTC Vision / G1 Blaze so it'll be a smartphone that will be pretty desirable. Nothing else is known right now so you can just check out the teaser site here and sign up whenever you want!


"Snow White" Samsung Galaxy S (M110S) Now Available On South Korea Telecom

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It looks like that white Galaxy S turned out to be a true device. The Samsung M110S is now available in South Korea but it's only the back of the phone that's "Snow White" - the front remains black. Unlike the iPhone 4's white model this didn't seem to go through any manufacturing problems but that's because Apple's smartphone will have a white face as well. Oh well, South Koreans can pick this up whenever they want to.


Asus Makes Seven Models Of Their ET2400 All In One PC Official

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First showcased at Computex, Asus has made their Eee Top ET2400 all in one PCs official and there's a total of seven of them varying in specs, of course. The best and most expensive model is the ET2400XVT which packs a quad-core Intel Core i7 1.73GHz CPU and a 120Hz 3D display. Sadly, all models are capped at just 2GB of RAM pre-installed. The processors inside range from AMD Athlon II X2 to dual-core Intel Pentium and even Core i3 / i5 CPU options. The HDD options are 320GB / 500GB / 1TB if you want to go all out.

However, all models share Bluetooth 3.0 support, USB 3.0 ports, and dual-layer DVD drives. Of course, there are other optional things like a Blu-ray drive, TV tuners, an HDMI output, and Nvidia's 3D Vision. Look out for all seven models in the future and be sure to pick the right PC for you!

[Slash Gear]

Android-Based Archos A28 PMP Hits the FCC, Reveals Some Specs

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Archos looks like they have yet another PMP up their sleeve and it'll, of course, be Android-based. Dubbed the Archos A28, it looks exactly like the A32 PMP that the company already has but it's smaller. Sporting a 2.8-inch display, it also reportedly has WiFi b/g/n support and 8GB of internal storage. Check it out at the FCC here.