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Browser Beta Battles, Windows 7 In September?, 16943 TV, 3 New Nintendo DSi Colours, PSP 2 Is Real!?

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With the release of the Safari 4 Beta yesterday, it was time for some new speed tests. I showed you yesterday that the Safari 4 Beta is the fastest browser, but that was not including betas. So the 6 betas that went head-to-head in this battle, from fastest to slowest, is: Chrome 2.0, Firefox 3.1 Beta 2, Safari 4, Opera 10 Alpha, Safari 3.2.2 [not a beta], and Internet Explorer 8 RC 1. Chrome comes out on top again and IE comes in at last place which isn't surprising.

Rumour has it that Windows 7 will ship with computers starting in September of this year. This is good news because i may be purchasing a new laptop before i go to University or i could possibly just wait for Android (Google's OS). This is not confirmed yet, but this early release would be good for all Windows users because Vista is just terrible. Windows 7 fixes most (if not all) of the flaws in Vista. I praise Windows 7 as much as i do Google Chrome, so it's a good OS. I'm looking forward to the release. I just hope that Microsoft doesn't rush the OS. If they need to, then they should take their time and not make something half-assed like Vista.

The 16943 TV is a concept. It will be able to play your widescreen needs one way and for your fullscreen viewing it would show it the other way. You should be able to picture what i am talking about, by looking at the picture. Although, this does solve the problems of the nasty ol' black bars, this would result in one large black bar. Since this is a concept, it's actually not in current development and also might not ever be. But, i guess i might as well pitch in to what i think should be implemented in this concept, if it were to ever be created. You could implement widgets with Internet connectivity into this TV. The widgets would fill in the black bars that you will get in either the right side or the bottom of the TV when you are on different modes (widescreen or fullscreen). The 16943 TV looks like a puzzle piece to me, now that i look at it.

On March 20, Japan will be receiving 3 new Nintendo DSi colours: pink, metallic blue and lime green. These models are going to be priced at ¥18,900 ($195 USD). It's no surprise that these 3 colours will be hitting Japan-only. Damn you Asia!

I talked yesterday about Sony's UMD-less PSP 2 rumours. Apparently, it's real. This is not confirmed, but that's what is being said. David Perry, chief creative officer at Acclaim, has mentioned that he's been in contact with a developer and that Sony already has the PSP 2 prototype available. It'll be interesting to see how this works out. True or false? What do you think?

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PSP 2 Is Real!?: http://kotaku.com/5160320/perry-psp-2-is-real-could-hit-this-fall

Sharp's 108-inch TV, Dell Studio XPS 435, Sony's OLED Walkman, Gmail Title Tweaks

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Just when you thought a 60-inch HDTV for your living room was way too big. Count on Sharp to create the 108-inch TV. Yes, 108-inches. The TV will only cost £100,000 ($143,000 USD), so no need to worry. The Sharp LB-1085 has a 176-degree viewing angle and has a 6ms response time.

Here you see the sexy Dell Studio XPS 435. Besides looking sexy, the top notch model of the system can have you rocking a 3.2GHz Intel Core i7 with an X58 chipset. Also accompanied with 24GB of DDR3 SDRAM [!!!], 4.5TB of hard drive space, the ATI Radeon HD4870 graphics card, Blu-ray drive, 15-in-1 card reader and 8 USB ports. "Of course, getting the max settings is certainly going to cost you a pretty penny, and at this point we've got no deets on pricing or availability." Damn, this desktop looks nice, but could be overpriced since it is part of the XPS series. More on that information when Dell decides to release it.

Sony's answer to Apple's iPod Touch has finally been priced. The Sony touchscreen-OLED Walkman are now available for pre-order at Amazon UK. The 16GB and 32GB models will go for £214 ($308 USD) and £283 ($407 USD), respectively. This is pretty expensive, i think. I think the iPod Touch is still superior to this Walkman. But then again, it's Apple we're talking about here. Anything they make is gold for some people.

A new Gmail Labs feature has been spotted. It is called 'Title Tweaks.' It's fairly hard to explain what the feature does, but the picture is a good representation. It shows the number of your unread items in your inbox in the tab better. Before it used to display "Gmail - Inbox (#)", now it says "Inbox (#) - Gmail." It's not a huge feature and many people are saying that they have already had this feature before, so it's not entirely new.

Sharp's 108-inch TV (and picture): http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/02/25/sharp_108in_lcd_uk/
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Kogan Agora, California Legalizing Weed, PSP 2 Rumours, Flexible Touchscreen Display

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Remember the Kogan Agora that i just finished talking about. Well, the new model will be dumping the QWERTY keypad for a 3.8-inch full touchscreen. It will still run on Android and may have the same hardware as the old model Kogan Agora (picture). "This is owing to the fact that the Android OS on which the device is based will get the on-screen keyboard with the cupcake update." Good news or bad news? I still wish it could, at least, have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but it looks like that won't be a possibility.

California looks like they want to legalize marijuana, for real. "Ammiano is trying to solve California's budget problem by legalizing marijuana." With a catch, of course, taxing it [marijuana] too. Ammiano goes on to mention that "California always takes the lead -- on gay marriage, the sanctuary movement, medical marijuana." Looks like all of that California Sticky Green (weed) you have, may be taxed soon.

You should all know about Sony's attempts to look for "new machine game testers" and here's where the rumours begin to spawn. First, i heard about the likes of a PSP-4000 and that it will have a sliding screen. And now, a PSP 2. This is not surprising, but it's also a possibility. The picture that you see is an "artist's PSP 2 concept" so don't jump to conclusions. The "mastermind" behind Earthworm Jim had a tweet this morning that said, "I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they've removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I'm excited!" He could've made this tweet solely based on the rumours, but could it be a possibility? Could this be the truth? Huh, Sony? Speak up and stop lying to your fans now. Tell us whether your PSP-4000 or PSP 2 is in the making. Maybe they will announce it at E3.

OLEDs move aside because we're talking about flexible touchscreens here. The world's first, in fact. "ASU's Flexible Display Center and military partners have developed the very first display with a flexible touchscreen." This sounds amazing, but they say that this technology probably won't be around for another 18 months. It will probably be longer than that, seeing how long it is taking for OLED to go mainstream. But still, it's good to look forward to.

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