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MSI WindPad 100A Announced Again At CeBIT, Will Actually Be Launching With "Honeycomb"

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MSI has just unveiled a tablet that we've all seen before and it's the WindPad 100A. This tablet will be launching with Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" which is different from when we heard the tablet would be launching with Android 2.2. The price hasn't been mentioned yet and it'll be packing a dual-core Tegra 2 CPU. Sadly, the model that was on display at CeBIT is running just Android 2.X so maybe we'll see a new model on display at a later date.


Bell Finally Releases Samsung Galaxy Tab On a 3-Year Contract, A Bit Late

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Bell has actually just released the Samsung Galaxy Tab on a 3-year contract if you're still interested in one at this point. With the new tablets already announced at CES and MWC earlier this year this tablet is pretty outdated. Of course, there's also the WiFi-only Galaxy Tab which should be launching soon. Anyways, if you want, the tablet is available on Bell right now for $349.95 on a 3-year contract - it's still $649.95 contract-free. Check it out on Bell.

HP Releases Updated dv6t and dv7t Notebooks With Core i7 CPUs and High-End AMD GPU

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HP has just released two new notebooks, the dv6t and dv7t. These notebooks are actually now available with a beefy spec sheet. They include a 16-inch and 17.3-inch displays, respectively, and pack high-end Core i7 CPU options, an AMD Radeon HD 6570 GPU, a bunch of RAM and HDD options, and Windows 7. They're available on the company's website right now for $999 and $1,099, respectively and there's a free memory (6GB) and hard drive (750GB) upgrad which is pretty awesome. Check out the HP dv6t here and the dv7t here.

Apple's Tim Cook Hints At a Prepaid iPhone, Adds Fuel To the Fire Of Rumours

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The WSJ and Forbes has just mentioned some pretty good news. Remember the news about a smaller iPhone that would be hitting the prepaid market for $199? Well, Tim Cook from Apple might have just hinted at it when he talked to Bernstein Research analyst, Toni Sacconaghi. Cook mentioned that "Apple didn't want its products to be 'just for the rich,' but 'for everyone'; he also stated that Apple 'understood price is big factor in the prepaid market' and that the company was 'not ceding any market.'" Basically, Apple could be working on that prepaid iPhone that a bunch of tweens may be looking for.


March 22 Will Be the Next "Unpacked" Event, Samsung Set To Unveil 8.9-Inch Galaxy Tab

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Samsung looks like they're going to unveil their 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab on March 22nd at their next Unpacked event. How do we know this? Well, it's all because of the numbers "78910". We already know that there's a 7 and 10-inch Galaxy Tab, which leaves the numbers 89. Yup, like the rumours suggested, the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab will be getting unveiled next month - likely with Android 3.0 "Honeycomb". We can't wait!

[Samsung Hub]

Motorola's CEO Hints At a 7-Inch Tablet, Expects Price Drops For Tablets In H2

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Motorola's CEO, Sanjay Jha, didn't say much today but he did hint that they could be set to launch a 7-inch tablet in the future. He mentioned that the form factor is more "fun" and "portable" and that the 10.1-inch XOOM is more for professional use. So far, he mentioned that sales for the XOOM are going "relatively well", which doesn't exactly sound very positive. The CEO also said that he expects prices for tablets to drop in the second half of the year which is still pretty far away. Either way, we're looking forward to what else the company has up their sleeves.


Koodo Mobile Releasing the LG Optimus One On March 2, BB Curve 9300 On the Way Too

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Koodo Mobile has just announced one piece of information that you might need if you're looking for a budget Android phone. The LG Optimus One will be hitting the Canadian carrier this Wednesday, March 2nd. This one should be available for around $200 contract-free so it could be right around $50 on the Tab. The Optimus One features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, a 600MHz CPU, a 3MP camera, WiFi / Bluetooth support, a microSD card slot, and Android 2.2 with a custom UI.

An internal screenshot (below) shows that Koodo plans to launch a new BlackBerry, we just don't know when. It's going to be the Curve 9300 which have been available on the Big 3 for a couple of months now. Price is unknown for this one and I won't bother guessing.

LG Optimus One On Koodo: Mobile Syrup
Koodo Releasing the BlackBerry Curve 9300: Mobile Syrup

AT&T Releasing the Amazon Kindle 3G On March 6th

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AT&T has announced something that maybe a few of you would be interested in. They have just announced that they'll be releasing the Amazon Kindle 3G e-book reader starting on March 6th. If you love reading on an electronic device then you should pick one up. This one will priced at $189 contract-free so it's not a bad deal.

[Tech Crunch]

Rugged Motorola WX450 Hits the FCC, On Its Way To AT&T

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A new Motorola handset, the WX450, has just checked into the FCC. This handset will be fairly rugged and it'll be good enough for AT&T in the USA since it's got the logo on the lower left of the d-pad. This one will actually be a bit rugged and will be good for those who just like to text message everyone since it's got a QWERTY keyboard. Specs and release date are still unknown right now but maybe it'll be official soon. Check it out at the FCC in the meantime.

[Engadget Mobile]

Asus Eee Pad MeMO Full Spec Sheet Leaks Days Before CeBIT Announcement

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CeBIT 2011 starts later this week and new information regarding Asus Eee Pad MeMO has just leaked. jkk mobile has just leaked what you see above and it's the full spec sheet and what the 7-inch tablet will look like. Specs reportedly include a 1,024 x 600 resolution, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon CPU, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR / WiFi b/g/n support, quadband HSPA+ connectivity, a microHDMI port, a 5MP camera with an LED flash, a front-facing 1.2 camera, a microSD card slot, and Android 3.0 "Honeycomb". The CPU inside is enough to output 1080p (Full HD) video at 30fps so that's excellent. Look out for this one to get official in the next few days.

[Slash Gear]

Bell Employees Start Their Training For the Motorola Atrix

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A tipster from Mobile Syrup has just mentioned something pretty great. If you take a look at the photo above, it's pretty clear that Bell's employees in Canada are now starting their training for the Motorola Atrix smartphone. This smartphone is one of the best ones on the market right now with its 4-inch display, a dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP camera with an LED flash and 720p HD video recording, a front-facing VGA camera, WiFi / Bluetooth support, a microSD card slot, 16GB of internal storage, and Android 2.2 with the Blur UI. This handset should also have HSPA+ connectivity so that it'll be able to take advantage of Bell's faster network. This smartphone should be available in the next few weeks, but the price is still TBA.

[Mobile Syrup]

Leaked Parts Could Mean a White iPad, Fan Renders a Next-Gen iPad

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It's almost March 2 which will be when Apple announces the next iPad and rumours tend to fly when their event is getting closer. 9 to 5 Mac scooped the photo you see above which actually might be telling us that the next iPad will actually come in white - even though the company couldn't ever deliver a white iPhone 4. Maybe they figured it out this time. Obviously, the frame of the next iPad has a camera hole for the front-facing camera. Anyways, this'll all be cleared up on Wednesday.

Update: BGR has just scooped the render you see below. The Internet was all abuzz about it this morning but the website has since mentioned that it's just a fan render.

[9 to 5 Mac]

HTC Trophy With Verizon Branding Gets Caught In the Wild

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We knew that it was headed to Verizon and this just about makes it official without it actually being official. The Windows Phone 7 based HTC Trophy has just been spotted in the wild shopping around a Verizon logo. This will likely be one of the carrier's first WP7 handsets and will include the next version of the mobile OS so that includes the oh-so-important copy and paste.