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Four Asus Tablets Get Priced and Dated; 10-Inch Android 3.0 Tablet For $399, 8-Inch Eee Tablet For $300

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Well, well, well, a bunch of Asus' tablets have just been priced and somewhat dated. The first one is the 10-inch Eee Pad EP101TC tablet which will be running Android (3.0 "Gingerbread"); this will be available in March 2011 for $399. The company also has the black-and-white Eee Tablet e-book reader which will be priced at $300 when it hits the market this October. The other two tablets are running Microsoft's Windows. The more affordable one will sport a 10-inch display and will be running Windows Embedded Compact 7 and will cost less than $499 when it hits the market in January. The last one is the most expensive of the bunch and it'll cost you $1,000. Apparently, the 12-inch EP121 Windows 7 based tablet (which probably won't sell like hotcakes) will be so expensive because of the dock which will turn it into a laptop; this will be available in late Q4 or this year or early Q1 2011.


LG Cookie Plus and BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300) Now Available On Telus' Website

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Two new phones are available on Telus and the first one is the LG Cookie Plus. This handset was actually available yesterday but it just hit the site this morning (here). You can now get the Cookie Plus for $29.99 on a 3-year contract, $79.99 on a 2-year contract, $129.99 on a 1-year contract, and $179.99 contract-free in two colours: Titanium or Pink. This handset features a 3-inch touchscreen display with a 240 x 400 resolution, a 3MP camera, and a microSD card slot.

The other handset is the BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300) smartphone. This sports a 2.4-inch display with a 240 x 320 resolution, WiFi / GPS support, a 2MP camera, a microSD card slot, and OS 5.0. This will be getting an upgrade to OS 6.0 sometime in the future. This is available on Telus' website for $79.99 on a 3-year contract (promo price), $229.99 on a 2-year contract, $279.99 on a 1-year contract, and $329.99 contract-free.

Telus Releases the LG Cookie Plus: Mobile Syrup
Telus Releases the BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300): Mobile Syrup

New Samsung Smartphone Leaks Out, Via a Developer Twitpic

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A new Samsung smartphone has leaked out today and it's unnamed right now. A developer, Andrej Tozon, twitpic'd this earlier this morning. It's got basic design with no curves and WMPowerUser points out that this is not the Samsung Cetus. Specs are unknown right now but they should meet the minimum requirements which are already pretty good.


Dell Blaze Leaks Out With Android 1.5 In Tow

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Another Dell smartphone running Android has leaked out before its release and this one is being called the Blaze. The smartphone seems to be a mid-level one since the screen looks quite small. Sadly, it's running the old school Android 1.5 (with Dell's custom UI) so let's hope and pray that Dell decides to update it to at least version 2.1 before it hits the market. Who knows exactly where this will hit.

[Phandroid, AndroidSpin]

HTC Holding Event On September 15th, Likely the Android-Based HTC Vision

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HTC is going to be holding an event on September 15th and it's looking like it'll be an Android smartphone. There are a couple of people out there who are hoping that it's a WP7 smartphone from the company but there are just way too many sources that are saying it'll be Android-based. Apparently though, it'll be the HTC Vision which will be hitting T-Mobile. In the smoke, you can faintly see the outline of a phone and that circle could actually be the lens on the back of the phone. Well, whatever it is just look out for it a month from now.


AT&T's Dell Streak Now Available For $299, 2.1 Update Leaks Out Too

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It may be Friday the 13th but for some of you this could be a good day. Dell has released their Streak MID and it's now available on AT&T. The Android-based MID is now available for $299.99 on a 2-year contract and $549.99 contract-free - although it's still SIM-locked to the carrier. You can also get a couple of accessories for the device, there's the $39.99 Car Dock and the $69.99 Home AV Dock with HDMI output. The Streak packs a 5-inch touchscreen display, a 5MP camera, a front-facing camera, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, and Android 1.6. There'll be an update to a newer version of Android (2.x) but who knows when that will be released. Check it out on Dell's site here.

Update: According to Crunch Gear, the Dell Streak's Android 2.1 update has just leaked out. A lot of people are saying that the update is really smooth so if you want to check it out it's on the modaco forums.

[Slash Gear]