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Canada's Bell Mobility Releasing the Samsung I7500 Galaxy On December 10th

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At this point we already know that Canada's Bell Mobility is looking to launch the Samsung I7500 Galaxy in the near future. Well, that near future appears to be December 10th. Next week Bell will be launching their first Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy. This handset will feature the traditional specs, that's: a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a 320 x 480 resolution, a 5MP AF camera with an LED flash, a 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi support, a microSD card slot (up to 32GB cards), and Android 1.5. Pricing is still unknown.

[Mobile Syrup]

T-Mobile USA To Get the iPhone Over Verizon? Or Both Of Them?

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We're now hearing reports that Verizon may not be the next carrier in the USA to launch the iPhone. A new rumour states that T-Mobile USA will be launching the iPhone sometime early 2010. This could be because of Verizon's recent ad attacks against AT&T and the iPhone. T-Mobile and AT&T are similar since they utilize GSM/HSDPA bands. By 2010 though, Verizon should have its LTE network up.

Canada's Bell Mobility Releases the HSPA-Capable Novatel MiFi 2732

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Today, Bell has launched a new product to the Canadian market. What you see above is the Novatel MiFi 2732 which can give up to five users 7.2Mbps download speed. This is now available here for as low as $99 CAD on a 2-year contract; you can also get it for $249.95 CAD contract-free. Check it out on Bell's website here.

Viewsonic Launches VOT530 and VOT550 Nettops, Now Available On Amazon

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Viewsonic has just announced and released two new nettops (VOT530 and VOT550) with Intel CPUs. Both of these nettops have an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2GHz and Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything else is slightly different. The VOT530 features: 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 320GB HDD, and a DVD burner. The VOT550 is a bit higher end with: 4GB of DDR2 RAM, a 500GB HDD, and a Blu-ray / DVD burner drive. Unfortunately, neither model has an HDMI port.

The VOT530 and VOT550 are now available for $652.99 and $865.99 on Amazon here and here, respectively.

Google Phone "a Certainty", Running New Android and Uses Google Voice, Prototype Testing Soon.

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Remember that Google Phone that a lot of people are denying will come true? Well, a certain leak via Gizmodo states that this phone "is a certainty." Apparently, over the next few weeks, Google will be testing these Google Phones. This "source" also mentioned that the current Android is not the "real" Android - whatever that means. All that said, this handset will likely be running a new version of Android (possibly newer than Android 2.1 "Flan") and will utilize Google Voice.

Fido Finally Releases the Nokia 2720 For Free On Contract

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If you've been waiting and waiting for this then the wait is over. Fido in Canada has just released the Nokia 2720 for free on a 2-year contract. You can also get it for $80 CAD contract-free and on a pre-paid contract. This handset has: a 1.3MP camera, an FM radio with RDS support, Bluetooth support, and a 2.5mm headphone jack. Check it out on Fido's site here.

Nokia N97 + iPhone = This. Introducing the Cooli902

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I normally don't post anything about fake phones, but this one is definitely interesting enough. When closed it looks like a thick iPhone, but when you slide the keyboard it's more like a Nokia N97. It sports the iPhone's 3.5-inch touchscreen (and it's fake OS), and an N97-like keyboard since the screen tilts up a little bit. Yes, it's interesting. Count on the Chinese to fuse the two handsets together. If you're interested this is the Cooli902 and it's available somewhere for around $143 USD.

Nokia Only Releasing One Maemo Handset In 2010, Maemo Fans Cry.

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Nokia has just announced some bad news for you Maemo fans out there. Apparently, Nokia is only planning to launch one Maemo handset in 2010. There's not much left to tell you here, but we've been hearing rumour about this Maemo handset already. It also looks like 2010 won't be the year where Nokia decides to replace Symbian on their N-Series devices. Oh yes, this handset could also be launching towards the end of 2010, since it could be that Nokia N920 with Maemo 6.

AT&T Launching the LG Monaco as the LG eXpo On December 7th, Features Snapdragon and Pico-Projector

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Telus will be getting the LG Monaco as the LG IQ in the next couple of weeks, but now we know that the US will be getting it as well. AT&T will be launching this handset as the LG eXpo and it'll be available starting on December 7th. In case you forgot, this handset features: a Snapdragon CPU, a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a removable pico-projector, a fingerprint reader, and WinMo 6.5.


Apple Already Testing Next iPhone In San Francisco, Could Sport PA Semi Dual-Core CPU

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Over the weekend, we've found out that Apple seems to be doing testing for the next iPhone (4th-generation). This isn't surprising since it's around the same time last year where they were testing what we now know as the iPhone 3GS. This new iPhone was using the iBART app which has to do with the San Francisco train system, and the ID appears to be iPhone 3,1. This would signal that it'll be a significant upgrade over the current iPhone (ID iPhone 2,1). There is speculation right now that the next iPhone will have a dual-core processor from PA Semi; Apple bought them in 2007.

6-Core Intel Xeon Core i9 "Gulftown" CPU To Find a Home In the Next Mac Pro, Expected In Early 2010

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In case you haven't heard yet, the new iMacs are extremely fast, especially with the Intel Core i7 CPUs. Right now, there is almost no advantage in getting the Mac Pro over the iMac (read this article for more information). A new rumour has cooked up though and it has to do with the Mac Pro. Apparently, the next Mac Pro - expected in early 2010 - will feature dual Intel Xeon Core i9 "Gulftown" CPUs, which will be around 50% faster than the current quad-core Xeon processors. This six-core XPU will reportedly also use 10% less energy than the previous models. It's all speculation right now, but it seems believable at this point.


Carphone Warehouse Releasing the Samsung S5560 and B3410 Exclusively Next Week

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Back in September we saw the Samsung S5560 Marvel (above) pass the WiFi Alliance testing. Now Phone Arena has a listing on their handset gallery. The listing states that this handset has: a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display (240 x 400 resolution), a 5MP camera with an LED flash, a microSD card slot, WiFi / Bluetooth 2.1 support, an FM radio, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and quad-band GSM connectivity.

We've also seen the Samsung B3410 before so it should be no surprise. This handset features: a 2.6-inch touchscreen display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.1 support, and a 2MP camera.

Both of these handsets will be available exclusively to Carphone Warehouse next week. The S5560 and B3410 will be available for £149.95 and £99.95 on a pay as you go contract, respectively.

Samsung Omnia II Variant Hits Korea's KT as the SPH-M8400, Competes With iPhone

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This morning we heard that the iPhone was made available in South Korea via KT over the weekend, but we know that it has a competitor now. Samsung has just officially announced their variant of the Omnia II on KT as well, the SPH-M8400. This handset features: a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution, an 800MHz CPU, a 5MP camera, Bluetooth support, a microSD card slot, a T-DMB TV tuner, and WiBro / WiFi / WCDMA connectivity. This handset is now available on KT in Korea.

Apple's iPhone Now Available In South Korea!

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The iPhone hasn't really been a major hit in Asia because of its high price, but it has just touched down in South Korea. You can now get the iPhone via KT, which is priced competitively and Apple is definitely looking to sell a bunch of them.

You can now get the 32GB iPhone 3GS for free on a 132,000 won ($113 USD) monthly contract, but there are two other options. If you feel like paying 45,000 won ($38 USD) monthly, you can get it for 396,000 won ($338 USD) and if you want to pay 65,000 won ($55 USD) monthly you can get it for 264,000 won ($225 USD).

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