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Acer's Z5600 AIO All-In-One PC Will Have Windows 7, Available October 23; Microsoft Giving Windows 7 Updates To Everyone!!

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Earlier today, I talked about how Acer UK mentioned that Windows 7 will be available on October 23. Well, it looks like it actually will be. Apparently, Acer is releasing their all-in-one PC, the Z5600 AIO, on October 23 and Windows 7 will be pre-loaded. I guess this is what he was talking about, and this is very good news! By now, you may or may not know that Windows 7 will have touchscreen capabilities pre-loaded into the OS, so it'll be helpful with Acer's creation of this all-in-one PC - if it has a touchscreen, that is.

On a side note, Microsoft has also mentioned that they will supply everyone using Windows 7 with updates. This includes people who have it illegally! Basically, Microsoft is giving us a sign to download it illegally - thank you torrents. Maybe Microsoft has a trick up its sleeves for all of those illegal Windows 7 PC users. Maybe they'll be able to crack down on those illegal users. We'll just have to see.

[Engadget (Acer), Gizmodo (Windows 7)]

Next WebOS Phone; The Palm Eos Being Released To AT&T

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Remember that blurry picture from earlier today? About a couple of hours ago? Well, it looks like the picture you see here is what it is supposed to be. It is the Palm Eos and it will be released by AT&T (not by Sprint). It's not confirmed yet, but it just doesn't make sense to me. They release an awesome looking Pre and they throw a curveball to throw in a Treo Pro or Centro device running on WebOS? Sure, it may not be an exact imitation of the Centro, but I wonder where they got the inspiration from. I don't like it. Anyways, this phone reportedly has: Quad-band GSM 850/1900MHz HSDPA, a 2.63-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a 400 x 320 resolution, 4GB of built-in storage, a 2MP camera with flash and video capabilities, aGPS, Bluetooth 2.1 + A2DP / EDR. As of right now, the said device has no microSD slot and it will also dethrone the Nokia E71 as the thinnest QWERTY smartphone in the world - being just 10.6mm thin. It will cost $349 USD, so it's not too bad. A couple of people on Boy Genius are saying the phone looks nice, but I don't think so. I'd rather have a BlackBerry over this anyday, especially the Tour aka Niagara.

[Boy Genius]

Acer Says Windows 7 Will Be Available On October 23

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This is what Acer UK's marketing director, Bobby Watkins, said, "23rd October is the date the Windows 7 will be available." Now it may not be grammatically correct, but he also said that if you buy a PC 30 days before the aforementioned date, you will get Windows 7 free - I'm guessing as an upgrade. In my opinion, it will not be available on this day because Microsoft is still keeping their mouth shut about the release date. But, it does seem kind of early, even though I hope it comes out before the end of the Fall.


Google Releases 11 Videos About Chrome

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Google has just released 11 videos about their Chrome web browser. Looks like they're slowly drifting away from their old comic strips and they are now planning to hit the big small screen. Right now, I don't have time to watch them all, but I'm still willing to show you guys. Just click on this link to see exactly what I'm talking about - and watch all 11 of them now. Thanks YouTube! I posted one for you below, just so you could check out a preview.

[Tech Crunch]

Palm Working On Second WebOS Device For 2009; Centro Look-Alike Or Mini Pre?

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Apparently, Palm will be releasing another phone running WebOS later this year. Some people are saying it could be a mini Pre which I would definitely not like. And some people are saying that it could be a Centro look-alike (pictured), which I also dislike. The Centro-like device is said to have a Fall release date, but that would be kind of early for another WebOS smartphone, I think - it'll probably happen though. Back to the first rumour, is the "nano" Palm Pre. Apparently, Palm is already "far along" on this mini Palm Pre and it will also be available in the later portion of 2009 (possibly Fall as well). Keep in mind that there are only talks of one other WebOS phone in the works, besides the Pre. So, there's 2 rumours, which one do you believe it will be? I hope neither. On a side note, I hope it's the Palm Post... well, maybe in a couple of years.

[Electronista, Reg Hardware, Boy Genius (Centro Look-Alike)]

Cupcake For Android Is Officially Here!!

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That's the latest news. The Android Cupcake version (1.5) is now available to those T-Mobile G1 users. If you want to know how to get it check the Boy Genius link below. T-Mobile has already started to distribute the 1.5 Android build to its users, so that's a good sign that the wait is over. Cupcake features: customizable widgets, messaging enhancements, the virtual QWERTY keyboard and also a couple of other UI tweaks, according to Engadget.

[Boy Genius, Engadget]