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T-Mobile Planning "Project Black" Announcement; Not a Phone, Actually a "Promotion" -- New $50 Unlimited Plan and Nokia N900 / N97 Mini?

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There's a rumour going around that T-Mobile has an announcement coming up, codenamed "Project Black." No one knows exactly what it will be, but the rumours are mentioning that it's not a phone, but it's actually a "promotion." Exactly what this "promotion" will be has a lot of sources stumped. We'll just have to wait and see what it is - if it's real.

Update on October 11th: According to GSM Arena and Boy Genius, the latest rumour has it that T-Mobile will be launching a $50 unlimited everything plan. And, they may be launching the Nokia N900 and another N-Series device - possibly the N97 Mini - as well. Yes, these are all just rumours right now.


Sprint Now Selling Samsung Intrepid For $149 Online

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It looks like Sprint now has the Samsung Intrepid available on their website. You can check it out on their website here for $149.99 on a 3-year contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. Yes, this handset has a touchscreen display.


Walmart Slashes Price of Some T-Mobile Phones

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It looks like Walmart has slashed their prices yet again, this time it's for the T-Mobile phones, including: the myTouch 3G, the G1, the Samsung Highlight, and the BlackBerry 8120. Check it out at Walmart here - the pricing is below by the way.

New customers are getting the best deals by far - $98.88 for the myTouch 3G, $48.88 for the G1, Samsung Highlight for $18.88, and the BlackBerry 8120 at a mere $28.88. One thing is for sure when purchasing any of these extremely discounted phones – unlimited messaging is required and of course a two year agreement. If driving to a store isn't your kind of thing, then we'd suggest checking out their web site.

[Phone Arena]

HTC HD2 Shows Off Extended Battery On Video

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A new video spotted online shows off the HTC HD2 (Leo), but it even gives us a sneak peek of the extended battery. It pops out a bit, but I'm sure it'll still be thinner than my Nokia N81 which is roughly just under 18mm - I believe. This is looking like a great phone and if you're interested in check it out, go to the link below for the video.

Picture Source: Slash Gear

HTC Pure Now Available For Free On LetsTalk!

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In case you're interested in getting the HTC Pure, you can now get one for free at LetsTalk here. To make the deal even sweeter, there'll be free shipping and a 4GB microSD card in the box. Unfortunately, you'll need to be a new AT&T subscriber and the deal is not available everywhere so check it out now!


Xbox 360's Social Integration Launching On November 17th In the UK? -- Gets Pulled

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We already know that the beta is going to be starting later this month, but it looks like if everything goes well Facebook and Twitter integration could go out of beta as early as November 17th according to this picture spotted on the UK Xbox website here. It's unconfirmed at the time, but I mean, it is on their site.

Update on October 12th: According to a newer Joystiq post, the November 17th date has now been pulled. It has been replaced with "Autumn 2009." Check it out here.