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Tesla Model S Is Sexy; Outside and Inside

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Let's start with the outside of the car. The Tesla Model S looks extremely sexy. The body of the car looks nice and sleek and has a concept look to it. The Tesla is, apparently, an "all-electric sedan" so it pretty much owns hybrids. There's not that much to say about the exterior of the car, except that it looks sexy. However, one interesting thing is the RFID tag. "When you walk up to the car, the Model S detects your RFID keytag and pops out the handles for you. When you want to start up the car, there's no start button. You just sit there and wait for the car to detect your RFID presence." That is wicked.

The interior is where the fun starts. The dashboard has a full touchscreen console and has 3G connectivity "all the time." There's a bunch of inputs in the car, including: HD, AUX, USB, and iPod connectivity. The dashboard may scare you on your first glance but it's okay, it won't bite. You will be able to control most of the car using the centre LCD touchscreen console. Just make sure no one else touches it.

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