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OLEDs To Take Over By 2011

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Experts over at DisplaySearch have come to the conclusion that OLED technology will start to take over the world by 2011. 2 years from now, the OLED trend will finally set it and take over all displays whether it be: TVs, cell phones, and just about every other display your mind can come up with. As you can see, OLEDs are much, much brighter than the brightest LCD or plasma screens. OLEDs were supposed to take over before the 2010 mark, but because of a couple of issues (economic-wise) it's being pushed back a couple of years. I'm extremely excited and if OLEDs take over the near future that means I will have a couple of these babies in my house. I'm excited and you should be too. DisplaySearch also went on to mention that OLEDs will be the "fastest growing material application in electronics over the next eight years." I simply can't wait for these to light up our homes in the next couple of years.



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