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Blackberry 9900 "Pluto" Leaked?

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In an attempt to make my blog more "professional" I'm going to try to remember to capitalize all of my "I"s when necessary. I'm also going to make the references to my sources more Engadget / Gizmodo-like because I just find it much cleaner than my stinkin' way. Since I have March Break this week, I'm going to try something new with my posts. That is, making every post about 1 certain product / subject instead of bundling 4 products / subjects into 1 blog post. That means I'll be updating more frequently this week and my posts will be shorter. It will also be easier for my [many] readers to miss a post, so be sure to put the archive in the right sidebar to good use. I'm going to see how this plan works out this week, so I just thought I'd inform my [very-lacking] readers.

The picture you see here is a leaked photo of the BlackBerry 9900 "Pluto" which looks like it is a touchscreen BlackBerry Bold. Judging from my numerous sources, they have come to the conclusion that the picture is a fake. It may be 100% fake and the pictures may have some truth to it, so don't be too upset. In the picture, you will notice that the leaked photo is showing a Rogers-branded (Go Canada!) BlackBerry 99xx but the word "berry" is not capitalized (Fail!). Anyways, these aren't official pictures and have been declared fake, but it would definitely be good to see RIM leaning towards a design similar to this. A full touchscreen BlackBerry could be another fail (Hi Storm) and I'm sure that business people all around the world want to keep their physical QWERTY keypad. Time to step up RIM!

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