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New Facebook Layout

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I've finally acquired the new Facebook. First off, it is very much like Twitter, hence the picture. I don't know why Facebook even had to even think of Twitter as being their rival right now. Then again, they blew by MySpace, so I guess Twitter is Facebook's biggest rival. To be honest, I don't know how Twitter can even catch up to Facebook right now, none of my friends are using it and I find it completely pointless. The only reason why I started a Twitter account is so that I can say, "Hah! I was here first!" if Twitter was to ever become ground-shattering popular. Now enough about Facebook vs Twitter, I'll talk solely about the new Facebook look. It's decent. So far, all of my friends dislike it, but I don't. I think everyone will get used to it eventually, but I do feel that Facebook could improve in a few areas on this new layout of theirs. The use of the 3 columns is good, I guess. But, they really need to fix up the Wall and the Home Page. It looks fine at the first glance, but the stupid thing is that it's so hard to determine the difference between a wall post and a status update on the Home Page. There's no "ashlee has changed their status to" crap anymore and what makes matters even worse is that Facebook decided to carry this so-called trend to the wall. "ashlee luis i better :P" Wtf does that mean Facebook? They removed the "ashlee wrote on your wall" part which is extremely stupid and confusing. All-in-all it could be something that all Facebook users could get used to eventually (just like the last Facebook makeover), but Facebook should make it easier for their users to adapt before making such a huge change to the layout. Facebook should consider changing some of these 'Twitter-like" changes because most of their users hate it. It's hard for us to set our eyes on, properly that is. Another thing that's kind of lame is the fact that I now have to scroll down in order to poke someone (ashlee) back. We have this poke war going on and I could really give up now, since I have to scroll down in order to poke her back. My hand is going to get tired. On a side note, they have cleaned up the pages nicely, so +1 there. On a side note, we should be able to customize what's on our Facebook Home Page, just a suggestion Facebook.

New Facebook picture: http://freelancefolder.com/facebook-vs-twitter/


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