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Warcraft III Player Gets A $500,000 Contract, Sackboy In Hot Shots Golf, Sony Canada Pulls Killzone 2 Ads, Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

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See! Gaming can get you places! The famous Korean gamer, Jae Ho "Moon" Jang, has just signed a 3-year 700,000,000 won ($473,037 USD) contract to play Warcraft III professionally. If you thought this was shocking, this is actually not the biggest signed deal for playing an e-sport professionally. In 2007, another Korean gamer, Yoon Yeol "NaDa" Lee, signed a contract that was worth 750,000,000 won for playing Starcraft professionally. Lee is the highest paid Korean gamer and both players signed contracts presented to them by WeMade FOX.

If you play Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds you should be considered lucky because I don't have it. Another reason to feel lucky is because Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet will be making his way to the game tomorrow. He will be playable and the catch is that you'll have to pay to unlock him which sucks. The price is still unknown, so i can tell you tomorrow, if you really want to know.

Canada sucks and here's another reason why. Killzone 2 ads were pulled from bus stops in Toronto because Davis Mirza, a teacher, complained about them. He said that his kids "come from a lot of different countries, who have to experience violence" and he continued to mention that the ads are "stuff they don't need to see." Apparently, the soldier's eyes are scary and the background of the advertisement showed a scenery similar to Iraq. Kind of lame, since these are bad-ass ads.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 is now available for download and is faster than IE8, so take that Microsoft. The next beta that comes out will be marked under the Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 name because of the many, significant changes. I haven't got a chance to try it out yet, so i'm not exactly sure how fast it is.

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