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Stitch LCD TV, iPod Shuffle Is Light Too, HTC Phone Coming To Verizon?, Bus Ad Reveals Your Weight

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This is Disney's new 20-inch LCD TV. This would be the perfect gift for my girlfriend, but it's reportedly going to be released for ¥100,000 ($1,015 USD), so cross this off my list. That would put a dent in my wallet and my bank account. The monitor itself, clearly has Stitch and his big mouth right at the top of the TV. If you're really interested (like my girlfriend was when I linked the page to her), you will see a nice 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, HDMI and VGA inputs, TV-tuner, "dual five watt speakers and a bundled remote." Now, those specs aren't exactly the worst out there and I actually find it excellent for a Disney-branded LCD TV.

Just when you though the new iPod Shuffle 3G (3rd Generation) was just small, it is also extremely light (surprising). Some consumers gathered up to rip apart the new iPod Shuffle and they ripped out its insides. After they did it successfully, because Apple's products are a struggle to take apart, they came into realization that the insides of the new iPod Touch weighs only 10% heavier than a single piece of paper. Amazing.

A mysterious new HTC phone may be coming to Verizon soon. Boy Genius has their guesses on what it could be, but I don't like guesses so i'll just tell you what it is when they release it or whatever. I just thought I'd tell you before it comes out so that you're prepared for it and it won't be a surprise or anything. By the way, I thought it'd be a good time to mention that I just received my illegal copy of the new leaked Windows 7 RC1. I hope it works well. Shouts out go to Xu, thanks man. Hopefully the CD key works.

This should definitely come to America. I think you should blow up the picture to see a larger one. In Rotterdam, Netherlands they have this amazing ad for Fitness First. This should definitely come to America to show 60% of their population just how overweight they are. This concept would probably be demeaning to the females out there, but whatever. It would be hilarious, in my opinion.

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HTC Phone Coming To Verizon? (and picture): http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2009/03/13/mystery-htc-phone-gets-gsm-certification-headed-for-verizon-wireless/
Bus Ad Reveals Your Weight (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5169348/bus-ad-shames-you-into-joining-a-gym-by-showing-everyone-your-weight


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