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HP's Longer-Lasting Enviro Laptop Batteries Now Available

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HP announced these new longer-lasting Enviro laptop batteries back in December and thankfully they are now available. The new batteries promise 1,000 recharges - similar to the battery in the new Apple MacBook Pro - which is much more than the 300 recharges that the standard lithium-ion batteries give you. These are also the "first and only notebook batteries on the market to have a three-year warranty." As of right now, the new batteries will work for 18 different HP laptop models and cost just $149.99 USD. The new HP Enviro batteries will be available in late March for newer laptops "as part of the accessories selection process" for around $20 - $30 (USD) more than the standard batteries. Just when you thought 1,000 recharges was enough, these new batteries also recharge from 0% - 80% in just 30 minutes. Amazing. They may last longer (recharge-wise), but there is no word on whether the laptop will actually last longer (as in 100% - 0% battery life). If that is the case then my girlfriend definitely needs to get this battery for her laptop, since her HP Pavilion dies in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.



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