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PointUI 2 Beta For Windows Mobile, Downloading YouTube Videos, Mystery: The Back Of The New iPhone?, HTC Dream, Miday Files For Bankruptcy

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The beta for the new PointUI 2 came out. Gizmodo points out that is it "awesome." With PointUI, you get a "new, skinnable UI." Like Windows 7, the beta for PointUI is actually a significant upgrade. It responds to your touching more than Windows Mobile originally does. So, if you find Windows Mobile to be a bit slow and non-responsive, try this out.
YouTube has finally announced that you will be able to download videos off of their site. You know, like all of those cracks do and so does that Firefox add-on. But wait, with a catch. You have to pay. What is Google doing, destroying YouTube! Looks like you better download all of your videos off of YouTube quickly, before YouTube pulls all of the free downloading tools off of the Internet. There will probably always be a free software for downloading YouTube videos, but everyone won't use it. Kind of like how they still sell CDs. I don't know why more people don't illegally download music, but i guess that's just me.
The new rumour on the streets is that the back of the iPhone has been leaked. Omfg, you can't be serious. This 'new backing' of the iPhone is "a new case, with reflective metal etching." This could be a fake, but the source also caught screenshots of the glossy back of the iPhone 3G, well before it was released. This could be a China fake, but it could also be the real thing. This could also deny a major make-over, which actually isn't needed. As long as Apple does, what's got to be done, nothing could go wrong. It is Apple we're talking about here. Everyone loves their products.
The HTC Dream is headed to Spain. It looks similar to the T-Mobile G1 phone and actually has the same hardware and stuff inside of it. There is no release date and is going to run the same Android OS as the G1. Celebrate good times!
Midway Games has filed for bankruptcy. Times are getting difficult, special thanks to the economy and Midway Games just couldn't survive. We can now look back on one of their classic games, Mortal Kombat. Never mind.
The Back of the Next iPhone? (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5152642/is-this-the-back-of-the-next-iphone


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