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Larrabee in the PS4?, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Car With MP3-Enabled Car Horn, Google Sync, Archos' Android MID / Smartphone, Sony Ericsson Hikaru

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Recently, i talked about Intel winning the bid to work on the PS4's GPU and possibly even its CPU. Well, leave it up to Sony to dismiss all of these rumours. The Sony rep said that, "It's nonsense and quite possibly the best work of fiction I've read, since Lord of the Rings."

I feel that Square Enix needs to make this Final Fantasy VII remake for the Playstation 3. Apparently, it may be worked on after the completion of Final Fantasy 13, which will probably be by early next year, since some of us are getting it next year. The next question this articles mentions is when. When will the Final Fantasy VII remake be scheduled to release? Obviously, no one knows for sure. I'm sure that Square Enix doesn't even know themselves, unless they are hiding something from us. Anyways, looking at numerous statistics, we can see that Final Fantasy III's remake sold over 2 million copies. This is a key statistic because the original Final Fantasy III sold less than half of what the original Final Fantasy VII sold. This leaves one to question, how much copies of a Final Fantasy VII remake sell? A lot. In fact, many Final Fantasy fans say that Final Fantasy VII is the best Final Fantasy game to ever be released and i am one of those perople. Final Fantasy VII was an amazing game. I remember beating Emerald (without Underwater materia) and Ruby. I remember getting scared of Jenova, since i was only 11 years old when i played that game. But, that's what got my adrenaline rushing. Final Fantasy VII is an amazing game in all aspects.

On the 'wtf' news of the day, a car with a mp3-enabled car horn. You will be able to customize the sound of your horn to whatever song you want. Imagine all of the Lil Wayne songs that would be playing if everyone could do this. But, seeing how the DiMora Natalia SLS2 concept will cost about $2 million USD, i don't think we'll be seeing much of this car. That is, if it was ever actually released. This car is just a concept, although the company is very serious about the specs. No one knows for sure if this car will "ever see the light of day."

Google has introduced yet another service, called Google Sync for iPhones and Windows Mobile phones. This looks like it will be in competition with Microsoft's MyPhone service. "The new Google Sync offering, launched in beta, will let phone users sync the calendar and contacts lists on their phones with their Gmail contacts lists and Google Calendar." Google is really taking their shots against Microsoft. Google Sync (vs MyPhone), Android (vs WinMo) and a Google OS[?] (vs Microsoft's OS). Google taking over the internet, at its finest. Going after the big dogs.

Is Archos on the hush, hush? Well, someone think so. Apparently, Archos is working on a new MID (Mobile Internet Device) or smartphone. It's not confirmed yet, but the said device will have phone functionality, support HD, a 5 inch screen (hopefully touch), have a 10mm thickness and will support Flash. The Archos device will run on Android and will have the same TI OMAP 3 processor that the Palm Pre has. Interesting news. But, it could be a flopper. I hope not.

The Sony Ericsson Hikaru looks like it will making its way to MWC. This phone has been rumoured to be around for a while now. It will be announced on February 15, right before MWC 2009 kicks off. So exciting. I might as well give you some background information about this phone, so that you'll be prepared. First off, it's going to be Walkman-branded. It will have an 8MP camera with LED flash, a 2.6 inch screen, 8GB of storage, Wi-Fi and GPS. "Additionally, it should be noted that it runs on the regular Sony Ericsson feature phone interface, and IT IS NOT a smartphone." Don't get them mixed up, Sony might get mad at you. Anyways, the 'Hikaru' will also have a kickstand at the back, kind of like the one the Nokia N96 has "but cooler."

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