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Grammy's: Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Rihanna, Recession = Higher Suicide Rate?, Chris Jericho Punches a Woman in the Face

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 I am going to move away from new tech right now, even though i have a lot of important tech to talk about.

Lil Wayne is your favourite rapper? Yes, i already know that, but he is definitely not mine. People not knowing anything about Hip Hop / Rap have united by just hopping on the bandwagon. "Lil Wayne is the best!" Blah, blah, blah, that's all i hear nowadays. I used to like him, up to the point where he made a song named 'Canon'. 'Canon' was an amazing song and probably one of Wayne's best songs of his whole career, up to this point. 'Canon' originally got its fame underground and made its way to the mainstream market. Since the song / rap was so good, everyone started to love Lil Wayne off. I'm a huge fan of metaphors / similes, they are also called punchlines. Lil Wayne has many, many punchlines and that is what makes him so good (to me), but sometimes, i feel that his punchlines are too simple. Lil Wayne has become so mainstream that he's changed his flow to adapt to the everyday, regular mind. He's over-rated. Anyways, the point of this paragraph was to mention that Lil Wayne was nominated for 8 awards at the Grammy's last night. He ended up winning 3 awards, including: Best Rap Album (Tha Carter III), Best Rap Song (Lollipop) and Best Rap Solo Performane (A Milli). He was also involved in another award, which was for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (Swagga Like Us). Congratulation Weezy!

Chris Brown looks like he's in some deep trouble. Chris Brown is being charged with assault against an unidentified woman. Many fans believe that it is Rihanna. Both of them were scheduled to be performing at the Grammy's, but had to withdraw because of these events. Rihanna's rep commented saying that Rihana is "well." Oh man, it'll be interesting to see what happens next as this investigation continues. Although, Chris Brown did turn himself in, he will be released on $50,000 USD bail. In addition, Rihanna has refused to file assualt charges on Chris Brown. Rumour has it that Chris Brown wanted to end their relationship, but Rihanna didn't.

With the current economic crisis, many people are fearing that the suicide rates will increase if the economic crisis gets worse. Hmm, could the recession be foreboding (foreshadowing a bad event) the end of the world? Doomsday? With everything going downhill, except the numerous technological advancements, and with the new president, this leaves one to wonder. Is the end really near? During, 'The Great Depression' decades ago, the suicide rates increased. This leaves many analysts in fear because of the possible suicide rate spike. I have a feeling that if the recession gets extremely bad, people will commit suicide. I also feel that people will commit suicide more now than during 'The Great Depression' because money is more important nowadays than it was before. Our earth also has a greater population now than it did then, so that could also play a factor. Anything is possible.

Looks like punching women is the new trend. Chris Jericho, a WWE superstar, punched a woman in the face. You can just watch the Youtube video below. It's amazing to see it unfold on video. Jericho loses it.

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