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Nintendo DSi Release Date Rumour, Playstation 2 Reaches 50 Million, Prison Break Cancelled

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I'm just going to do 2 quick blog posts, regarding the aforementioned topics.

So, there is new rumour that has surfaced about the Nintendo DSi's release date. The release date? April 4 according to IGN. The price may be around $179.99 USD, so yeah. We'll see if Nintendo decides to officially announce this. I don't really follow the Nintendo DSi much, so i can't tell you the difference between the DS and the DSi. But, closer to the release date, i'm sure that some other site will do it for me.

Sony recently announced that the almighty Playstation 2 has sold 50 million units in North America. That is an amazing milestone, that the Wii may actually shatter (I hope not), unfortunately. If you don't follow my blogs very often, i actually do have a Playstation 2 and i haven't got the time to play Hot Shots Golf Fore lately. But, after exams, i will probably be hopping back onto that game, when i have the free-time. Next semester will be tough, but if i manage my time wisely, i should have time for it.

Last topic of the day. Fox is reportedly canceling Prison Break. After this season, Prison Break is over. I can't believe this, although it was a long-time coming. My girlfriend mentions that most of her friends have told her that the show has gone stale, ever since the first season ended. I watched the first 12 episodes with her and then decided to watch the rest of the episodes on my own, since she was busy with school. The show's main highlights were in the first few seasons, but it's sad to see it go. I'm not entirely caught up with the current season that they are on right now, but maybe one day i will finish it. Farewell, Prison Break. Bye, Mr. Scofield.

Sorry, for the short blog post, but yeah. I don't really have much time today. By the way, if you care, my Culminating Assignment went well today, even after coming 15 minutes late to class today. Thanks to the snow.

Nintendo DSi Release Date Rumours (and picture): http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/13/rumor-nintendo-dsi-coming-to-us-on-april-4-at-179/
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