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Gmail Grows 43%, Dell and Samsung Monitors, Rumour: Google OS, New Grand Theft Auto, iPhone Nano

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Let's get right down to it. 6 topics to do.

We'll start it off with some Gmail news. Gmail is, currently, the 4th most popular e-mail service being used (even though it should be higher). Anyways, Gmail grew 43% in 2008, compared to Yahoo Mail, which grew 11% and also compared to Hotmail, which actually declined 5%. Techcrunch says that Gmail must be growing at such a fast rate compared to other e-mail services because "Gmail is evolving at a faster rate." If you look above, you will see a chart, showing the growth of Gmail (in blue), AOL Email (in red) and Windows Live Hotmail (in green). It seems that everything that Google puts out is trying to come from behind, to take the first spot. It must be because Google is going to, one day, take over the world! Okay, just the Internet.

First, i will talk about Dell and then after, i will talk about Samsung. So, Dell is releasing 2 new widescreen flat-panel LED monitors. The 2 models: 22 inches (G2210) and 24 inches (G2410), are expected to be released in late February. Some specs of these 2 monitors are: 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, uses 18 - 20 watts and uses "more than 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials." The G2210 will go for $279 and the G2410 will go for $359. Next up is the Samsung P2370L. This arises the question as to why all these model numbers are so weird. Anyways, staying on topic now, this Samsung monitor / HDTV (pictured above) also uses LED technology, is 16.55 mm thin and has a 1080p resolution. This sexy monitor will go for around $400 USD, which is a bit more than the Dell monitors. Judging from the model number (P2370L), Gizmodo mentions that it may be a 23-inch model. Oh yes, it's also Eco-friendly.

For the first rumour of the day, i'll head over to the Google camp. In order to take over the Internet, Google will have to start somewhere. PC World states that the same Android OS that is running in some mobile phones, like the G1, may be heading to netbooks. If you remember my blog post about the Possible Google OS, it tells us that some of Google's employees were using an unknown OS on their systems. PC World suspects that "if Google were developing an operating system based on Android, netbooks would be the logical target. They require a lightweight operating system, which an Android-based operating system would be." PC World goes on, mentioning that netbooks are "the fastest growing segment of the PC market, so it could immediately boost a new OS's market share." The famous Android OS, was actually able to run on the Asus netbook after only 4 hours of programming. I hope that PC World is headed in the right direction with this rumour because i hope that in a couple years, i'll be running a Google OS (that will be better than the current Windows OS of the time, right Nikki?).

There is a rumour that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be out this year, around November. That is all.

The last rumour is the iPhone Nano. I found this article on The Apple Blog and the title said, "iPhone Nano Spoiling Pre's Party?" There are rumours swirling that Apple will release their iPhone Nano (if true) around June. The Palm Pre, on the other hand, will be released sometime in the first half of this year, 2009. I think that this will impact Palm Pre's sales. The Apple Blog states 2 reason why the iPhone Nano will hurt the Palm Pre. It will be in the hype and the price department. This is where my opinion will now come in. These are actually the same reasons that i was going to write down today in my blog. Obviously, Apple has the hype going towards all of their products and it's kind of annoying. The other reason is because the iPhone Nano will be significantly cheaper than the, recently announced, Palm Pre. So, those are clearly 2 advantages leaning towards the iPhone Nano's favour. Let's talk about the Palm Pre's now, shall we? The Palm Pre is a new device and has an innovative and new OS. The phone looks decent, but if you can get passed that you will realize that it has more to offer because of the phone's Web OS. It has amazing multi-tasking capability and has the Synergy thing going for them. Looking at the picture above, i had an epiphany. What if Apple decided to put a QWERTY keyboard in the iPhone Nano? Now, this is very unlikely, but it just came to me. The iPhone Nano would look like the Palm Pre, plus it has the Applications too. Although, you may be missing out on the awesome OS, you still get the QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard will, most likely, be a necessity because the iPhone Nano's on-screen keyboard would be too small for some fingers to type on. Anyways, i really hope the Palm Pre does well because it's good to see more [decent] competition and because Palm was one of the early pioneers of the PDA, so it would be good to see them make a comeback. That's all i had to say, i don't want to rant anymore.

I hope you enjoyed that.

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//Reeechard said...
January 14, 2009 at 10:48 PM  

What's the iPhone without a large screen to touch?
Ranting is for cool people.

Unknown said...
January 14, 2009 at 10:52 PM  

I have no clue.
And yes, except my rant is not nearly as funny as yours are

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