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Microsoft Update Coming In March With Multitasking and Copy and Paste; CDMA Devices In March

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If you love Windows Phone 7 then I hope you managed to catch Microsoft's MWC event earlier today. They showed off and announced a bunch of new things and I'll just recap them for you. First off, they showed off multitasking on the OS and it looked fairly good. The company also announced that Twitter integration (into the People Hub) along with Internet Explorer 9 Mobile would be headed to the OS later this - hopefully with HTML5 support. We do know that IE9 Mobile will definitely have graphics and hardware acceleration so that's great news.

Update: Another Engadget post has mentioned that this update is going to be coming in early March and that's not all it will bring. It'll also feature "Copy and Paste" which is great. Along with this news is finally word that CDMA support is coming in "early March" so you can expect Verizon and Sprint to announce their batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets in the very near future. Hopefully, the HTC 7 Pro will be launching soon.



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