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Android At 150,000 Apps and 350,000 Activations Daily, Next Version Will Have Gingerbread and Honeycomb Features

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Eric Schmidt took the stage at MWC 2011 just a few minutes ago and mentioned a whole lot of things. He mentioned that he was hoping that Nokia would choose the Android platform because of all the success that their OS has had. He also mentioned that there are 150,000 applications on the Android Market and that daily activations are now at 350,000 a day. That's all great news, but what about the future of Android?

Schmidt mentioned that the OS will be getting updated every six months still - not once a year which is what Vic Gundontra told us. Maybe they're still working on getting it to once a year for now. That's not all though. He also mentioned that the next version of Android, Ice Cream, will be combining the great aspects of Gingerbread and Honeycomb which is great. He didn't tease what the future of the mobile OS would look like but Google I/O is happening soon so maybe it'll happen then.



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