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Samsung and Google's Nexus S Slightly Delayed So That They Can Give You a Dual-Core CPU

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Coming from Android and Me is a new rumour regarding the Samsung made Nexus S that leaked a lot yesterday. Basically, this was leaked because it was supposed to hit Best Buy yesterday (or some time in the near future) but that won't be happening anymore because people high up weren't impressed with the hardware. Apparently, it will still be launching this year (with Gingerbread) and will actually be sporting a dual-core CPU so that it will trigger the dual-core war for smartphones next year. This will basically set the standard for the next wave of "superphones". Base specs should stay the same, but you expect a brand new CPU inside along with the upgraded OS.

Furthermore, the Google logo on the back of the Nexus S was actually added after the picture was taken so that the leak would look a bit more real. It's a good read and I suggest you click on through to read everything you need to know!

[Android and Me]
Picture Source: Engadget


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