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Four LG Handsets Leak Out; the C710 (Ally Without the QWERTY), T300, T310, and A130

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All of this is starting to get confusing now. First it was the Verizon LG Ally which people were expecting to be the "Aloha" and now it's the C710 (here) that has just leaked out - which is also nothing like the "Aloha." The "Aloha" is expected to sport a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, a 5MP AF camera, and a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU but that's not what we're seeing today. The LG C710 has leaked out (above) and it's basically the Ally without a QWERTY keyboard - it's headed to Brazil.

The T300 (here and pictured above) and the T310 (here) from LG have leaked out as well. The T300 is said to feature a touchscreen display along with a 2MP camera and could launch as the Cookie Light. The T310 (below) is sporting a slightly larger display (than the T300) but that's really all we know about it right now. Last, and least, is the A130 (here) which is another one of LG's flip phones. This will have EDGE connectivity along with an FM radio.

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