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Archos 7 Home Tablet Set To Ship In June With Resistive Touchscreen and Without Android Market

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If you went out and pre-ordered the Archos 7 Home Tablet then there's some bad news for you. It won't be shipping until sometime in June - late May if you're extremely lucky. If you didn't pre-order one then good for you. Sadly, this tablet packs a resistive touchscreen display and it doesn't have access to the Android Market. Of course, it comes with Archos' own AppsLib store and it's a decent tablet for $199.99. Maybe it'll be better off as a digital picture frame. If you're still interested, you can order one on Amazon here.

Update: Amazon has just updated their site and it now says that the Archos 7 Home Tablet will be available starting on May 17th. Looks like it'll start to ship 2 weeks after that though.



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