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Nvidia Announces New Automatic GPU-Switching Technology, Call It Optimus

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Nvidia has just announced their latest technology that is made to save you some battery. It has something to do with automatic-graphics switching (which at this point is done manually), which is great. "NVIDIA has debuted new Optimus tech that takes over the task of choosing what GPU to use and switches between the two automatically depending on what is needed at the time. The machine will known when you stop writing that email, switching to playing your favorite PC game, and change the GPU used without you even having to think about it." This technology is expected to included in new Intel Core 2010 and Pineview Atom CPUs. Nvidia's own GeForce 200M, 300M, next-generation GeForce M, and Ion 2 GPUs will utilize this new technology.

This technology will debut in March with Asus' notebooks bringing this technology to the market. Maybe Apple will be refreshing their MacBook Pros shortly after with Core i5 / i7 CPU options and Optimus.


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