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LG GW990 Caught On Video, Demoing Itself Beside the HTC HD2; GT540 and Mini GD880 Too!

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We've seen a bit about the LG GW990 so far - and it could be the first "handset" running on Nokia and Intel's new MeeGo OS. It looks like it's just been caught demoing itself on video side-by-side with an already large HTC HD2. It makes the HD2 look puny to be honest, so I hope you have some large pockets. The good news here is that the GW990 looks pretty smooth as you can see with the multitouchiness - but they still have to iron out some of it. First the LG BL40 then the GW990 with the weird aspect ratios.

The video's quite long but they also show off the GT540 and the Mini GD880 as well.


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