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LG Accidentally Spills the Details On Their HDTV Launches

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LG seemed to leak their HDTV plans a bit ahead of time. Those TVs we saw from them at CES? They'll be launching in March. We'll also see HDTVs equipped with Skype with 720p capabilities, 3D TVs, and even 3D Blu-ray players launch soon as well. The 3D Blu-ray player (BD580) is expected in April of this year. 47-inch LEX8 and LEX9 with 480Hz technology should be making their debut this year and will have around a 0.27-inch thin body so that's not bad at all - considering that there'll be a large 72-inch model. That announcement was pulled by LG themselves but we should see it published again soon.

Update: According to Slash Gear, LG plans to launch the LX9500 3D-ready HDTV in mid-May. Along with that there'll also be another 3D model, the LX6500 as well.


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