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iPads of the Future Will Have Front-Facing Cameras With an LED Flash

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Let's face it, the first generation of the Apple iPad didn't live up to expectations. The big problem with the first-gen model is that it won't have any cameras on-board, but that looks like it will change in the second-gen model. We've known about these rumours for a while now so this shouldn't be news to you. Although it's not 100% confirmed at this point, we're pretty certain that it will since Apple's inboxes should be flooding with complaints.

In the boolean in the new iPad SDK 3.2 Beta 3 it was spotted that there's a hasFrontCamera and hasFlash lines of code. Of course, this is referring to a front-facing webcam and an LED flash of some sort. Above is what the accepting and declining of the calls will be like. Everyone should just wait for this.

[Crunch Gear]


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