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Google Phones (Nexus One) Being Handed Out To Employees, Apparently Beautiful

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It's starting to look like those Google phones we've been hearing about for a while now are starting to become real. Some tweeters out there (from Google Program Manager Leslie Hawthorn) stated that "ZOMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It's beautiful." The tweet is here, if you're interested. The phone is reportedly made by HTC and is running on Android 2.1.

Another tweet (from this guy) states, "The new Google Phone runs on HTC hardware. I saw it w/ Android 2.1. Homescreen has new visual enhancements like animated desktop wallpaper." This phone will have a scroll ball like the HTC Hero (I was hoping for an optical trackpad to be honest) and hopefully doesn't have that annoying chin. Who else is excited!? Let's wait for an announcement people!

Update: It's really real! Check out Google's Official blog post on Google Mobile here.

Update: According to Gizmodo, the WSJ is naming the Google Phone, the Nexus One. We're hearing that this phone has a "weirdly" large camera sensor on the back. Other specs have been floating, but nothing specific yet. This phone will reportedly hit the market unlocked and will be available online in January 2010. That's all speculation though - I believe - let's hope it's not too expensive.

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