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Qualcomm Working With Lenovo On Their First Smartbook, Launching On AT&T In 2010 -- First Look

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Like we heard yesterday Qualcomm has officially announced that they'll be launching their first smartbook - made by Lenovo - sometime next year. They'll do the big unveiling at CES 2010, but we do know that it has a low-power ARM CPU that is capable of pumping out 720p HD video. At this point we don't even have a picture of the smartbook but they mentioned that it "looks much like a thin notebook" and it's reportedly also "thinner than a Palm Pre." By the way, the Palm Pre is 16.9mm thick, so it's not exactly the thinnest handset out there. This smartbook will be launching on AT&T next year and, of course, the price will be subsidized.

Update: According to jkk mobile, what you see above is our first look at the said smartbook. And yes, that was fast. It's reportedly running a "custom Linux" build.



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