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Fujitsu Unveil Phone With Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard, 12.2MP Camera, 3.4-Inch Touchscreen, and Pico Projector

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This handset may look simple but it's actually far from it. This is the Fujitsu F-04B handset. It features a display unit and a keyboard unit. The keyboard connects to the display using Bluetooth technology and the display unit is a 3.4-inch LCD touchscreen. The keyboard is detachable from the display and you actually don't really need it for the phone aspect of it. However, you can use the keyboard as "a speaker device" and a game pad. Oh yeah, there's a 12.2MP camera somewhere.

To make things even more interesting, there's an optional projector unit. Yes, you read that right. The mini projector will have a 6 lumen brightness, an 854 x 480 resolution, and it has an 800 mAh battery that should last around 2 hours.

[Akihabara News, Engadget Mobile]

New CellPhone said...
November 28, 2009 at 2:39 AM  

Fujitsu makes HP a very unique, creative and innovative with This Fujitsu F-04B that could split in two

A new breakthrough in the Cell phone's world and the developments seems without limit.
But unfortunately, it looks like HP is not sold overseas.


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