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Nokia Not Allowing Carriers To Customize N900 -- They Lied; Maemo 6 To Have Multitouch and Gestures

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Nokia is planning to launch their N900 smartphone to carriers eventually, but they have decided that they will be the boss of the relationship. According to Nokia themselves, they won't allow "carrier customization" on their Maemo-based handset.

Update: According to Electronista, Nokia changed their mind and mentioned that there are "many customization points" that carriers will have access to. Check out exactly what Nokia had to say here.

The N900 is running Maemo 5, so I figured it would be a great addition to talk about the future of Maemo on this post. Nokia has confirmed that Qt 4.6 "will be optimized for Maemo 6 but also see a port to the upcoming Symbian 4, as well as bringing with it improvements to the WebKit browser and a reduction in the need for widgets.". Maemo 6 is expected to launch next year and it looks like it will have multitouch and gesture support, which will be a great addition to those devices.

Update on September 12th: According to an angry tweet I received, the Maemo 5 browser is actually not based on WebKit. So, maybe Maemo 6's will be. We'll just have to wait and see.

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