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Snapdragon and Nvidia Tegra Smartbooks to Swarm the Second Half of This Year

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Count on ol' DigiTimes to give us some rumoured information. Besides netbooks, the big thing to hit the world later this year will be what Nvidia is calling smartbooks. These "smartbooks" will utilize Smapdragon and Nvidia's own Tegra chipsets. These are boasting "all day battery life" and even some hardcore gaming. According to the rumours, Acer will lead the way with their smartbook running Android and then Mobinnova will follow up with their Elan smartbook, which will apparently sell no less than 500,000 units. Inventec is going to release their 10-inch Tegra smartbook named Rainbow - which hopefully gets a name change. And last but not least, Asus will be releasing their smartbook as early as November. It'll be an exciting second half of this year - that's all I have to say about that.

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