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HTC Patents Screen to Prevent Onlookers and Magnetic Stylus For Capacitive Displays

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Two of HTC's pantents have just been found. The one above has to deal with a screen that will prevent onlookers from seeing whatever is on your screen and the one below is a magnetic stylus that will work on capacitive touchscreen displays. Let's talk about the one above first.

Like I said, this display will prevent onlookers from viewing whatever is on your screen. This could be a good or bad thing, unless you can somehow turn it off. This display will use G-sensors along with front-facing cameras to centre the screen onto your face and your face only. It will prevent others from seeing what is on your display by altering the angles and stuff that I can't really explain. You can check out the links below for more information. In case you're interested the official patents are here and here.

The patent below has to deal with a stylus that actually functions perfectly on a capacitive touchscreen display. We all know that the stylus - for the most part - is a thing of the past and they function well on resistive touchscreens, but not not so well on capacitive touchscreens. HTC looks to change that by using a magnetic stylus. This stylus will precisely pin-point exactly where your touching the display by using a small current. It seems interesting, but we'll just have to see if HTC puts this to use. The official patent is here.

HTC Patents Screen: WMPowerUser
HTC Patents Magnetic Stylus: WMPowerUser


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