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Big Leak: LG Chocolate Touch, Samsung Omnia 2, Samsung Rogue Coming on August 23rd?

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If this is true, August 23rd will be a big day for everyone in the US. It looks like a lot of phones are going to be available on that day, probably one of the biggest days of the year.

  • Samsung Gravity 2 (berry) — T-Mobile

  • Samsung Solstice — AT&T

  • LG Xenon (red) — AT&T

  • Global AirCard (G2) — Verizon

  • Samsung Rogue — Verizon

  • LG Chocolate Touch — Verizon

  • Samsung u450 Intensity — Verizon

  • Samsung Omnia 2 — Verizon

  • BlackBerry Tour — (new shipment, Sprint)

  • What did I tell you? The LG Chocolate Touch is more than likely the LG BL40; the Samsung Omnia 2 is probably the I8000 Omnia II; the Samsung Rogue is basically what it says it is. What's also fairly interesting is that at the top there's an "M330" listed to be available on September 3rd and we've actually heard nothing about it before. Let's hope this leak stays true to its word!

    [Boy Genius]

    Anonymous said...
    August 19, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

    Here is the vx8575

    Unknown said...
    August 19, 2009 at 8:42 PM  

    Actually, I believe that's the LG Chocolate VX8550.

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