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Asus Launching Ultra-Thin Notebooks With New Intel Penryn CPUs on September 7th; Acer and MSI Too

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More unconfirmed news from DigiTimes. This news states that Asus, Acer, and MSI plan to launch new ultra-thin notebooks running on Intel's new ULV Penryn CPUs, the Celeron 743 and the SU2300. Both of these CPUs will have a 1.2GHz clock speed with 1MB of L2 cache, an 800MHz frontside bus, and a 6x multiplier. The difference between the two CPUs is that the Celeron 743 will suck up to 10w of power, while the ULV SU2300 CPU will only suck up to 5w of power.

If DigiTimes is correct, Asus will be first out of the gate with these new CPUs launching two new notebooks (one running on each new Intel CPU) on September 7th. These notebooks will initially be available in Taiwan, China, and Europe. Hopefully, they'll be hitting Stateside as well.

Acer and MSI plan to launch their own "similar models" in the near future, but right now we don't know exactly when.

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